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Advancing your career: applying BA skills to BPM field
> Data Modeling—Just Don’t Show Me Any Crows Feet!
> Managing the Two Sides of Decision Modeling: Science and Art
> Specifying Quality Requirements With Planguage

Webinar: Stand Up and Deliver Great Product with Collaborative Requirements
Webinar: Own the Collaboration Circle to Keep Future Projects on Track

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Advancing your career: Applying BA skills to BPM field
by Igor Arkhipov, CBAP
Many BAs (especially the most experienced ones) should be familiar with processes...  Let us try to reveal, how BA skills are applicable to BPM and which steps a BA should take to transfer their knowledge to a state sufficient to fully enter the BPM sphere.

Top 10 trends for 2014

Data Modeling—Just Don’t Show Me Any Crow's Feet!
by Elizabeth Larson and Richard Larson, Watermark Learning
Visual models don’t have to be complicated. Unless your organization uses formal UML or BPMN standards, focus on learning to create simple visual models. In this article, we’ll explore 3 simple visual models that a new business analyst should be skilled in creating because they add a lot of value to projects and generally improve your requirements documentation.

Align Software Requirements with Business Objectives

Managing the Two Sides of Decision Modeling: Science and Art
by Barbara von Halle, Knowledge Partners International, LLC
In the real world, good decision modeling is always a balance between science and art. The science is systematic decomposition of a structure (of data or logic) into a set of smaller structures based on the definitions of successive normal forms. The art, on the other hand, is a general decomposition into a set of smaller structures based on factors not related to detecting and correcting normalization errors.

Specifying Quality Requirements With Planguage
by Karl Wiegers & Joy Beatty 
How often has a customer asked you to write software that is user-friendly, robust, fast, or secure? No one will argue that those are worthy goals that everyone wants in their software products. However, they are terrible requirements. They give you no idea of just what “user-friendly” means, or how to tell if you’ve achieved the desired characteristics that mean “user-friendly” to a particular customer.

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Align Software Requirements to Business Objectives

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