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How do Business Analysts operate in your organization?
Why Rulebook Management?
True Systems Analysis?
Agile Requirements: Not an Oxymoron

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How do Business Analysts operate in your organization?
by Joseph Da Silva, Principal Business Analyst, Skandia
Business Analysis is a term that covers a wide range of different disciplines, which has grown in scope over the past 10-15 years. BAs can become involved in a variety of different activities, depending on the organization and the particular project that they are working on – these can range from very technical to very business focused activities.  So if you're working as a Business Analyst, or working with a Business Analyst, what can you expect? 

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Why Rulebook Management?
by Ronald Ross, Speaker,
Contrary to what you might think, the problem that rulebook management addresses is a relatively simple one. Its solution is relatively simple too. The reason people have a hard time seeing that is because the problem is so big. It’s all around us, everywhere we look – a whole host of trees blinding us to the forest.

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True Systems Analysis?
by Tim Bryce, Writer & Management Consultant
Regrettably, many of today's Systems Analysts are still glorified programmers in sheep's clothing.  I recently came across some job postings under the title, "Systems Analyst," and it occurred to me people still do not know what it means. In the postings I saw things like "seeking a Systems Analyst with 4 - 6 years experience... Candidate must have experience with JAVA and the ATG..."


Agile Requirements: Not an Oxymoron
by Ellen Gottesdiener, EBG Consulting, Inc. 
Adult children. Jumbo shrimp. Seriously funny. I’m sure you recognize these expressions as oxymorons—self-contradictory phrases, often with an ironic meaning.  Should we add “agile requirements” to the list? Does agile development fit in with traditional requirements practices? And if so, how?
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Relevant Interview Questions
> Describe the basic classification of requirements as defined by the BABOK (v2.0)
> What is a Fact Model?
> What are the advantages and disadvantages of using screen mockups in the requirements gathering process of a system solution?

Informative Blog Posts & Resources
> What do you do when the client isn’t focused on the business outcome?
> Visual Modeling – Stopping IT Failure at the Root of the Cause
> How to Deliver a Recommendation

iRise Software for the Business Analyst - Using Visualization to Get Requirements Right


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