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7 Steps to Writing Better Requirements Documentation
> Stepping Into a BA Leadership Role: Do You Have What It Takes?
> The Need for Speed: Agile Technology for Rapid BPM Implementations
> The Changing Shape of Business Analysis

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7 Steps to Writing Better Requirements Documentation
by Laura Brandenburg, CBAP
In a new business analyst role, typically there will be a few types of requirements documents that are most commonly created...  In this article, I’ll go through 7 steps you can take to write better requirements documentation or learn how to write a new type of requirements document.

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Stepping Into a BA Leadership Role: Do You Have What It Takes?
by Ruby Baweja & Alan Smith - Geneca
You’re a successful Business Analyst, but are now ready to take the next step to advance your career. So what is your next step? Do you need to move out of business analysis to advance? Are you a BA who wants to see where your career may go in or beyond Business Analysis? Are you interested in managing BA teams or leading BA teams on projects?

Business Analytics for Executives

The Need for Speed: Agile Technology for Rapid BPM Implementations
by Colin Earl, CEO, Agiloft, Inc.
While the benefits of an effective Business Process Management solution are clear, a truly successful, on-time implementation can prove elusive. As a Business Analyst, you may be held responsible for project timelines. So when the schedule starts slipping, your credibility can slip away with it.

The Changing Shape of Business Analysis
by Thomas Frisendal, Business Information Analysis Consultant
The traditional axiom in business analysis that there should be a “Berlin Wall” between analysis and design is being torn down these days. Several authors and thought leaders are arguing that you cannot do analysis without designing and that you cannot design without analysis. This article is striving to visualize why this is really so.

Best Practices for Designing, Formatting and Publishing Better Reports
Jan 22, 2014 - Register Now, Cost: FREE

The Use Case Technique: An Overview
Jan 29, 2014 - Register Now, Cost: FREE

Business Requirements Scoping Techniques
Feb 27, 2014 - Register Now, Cost: FREE

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BABOK - Crossword Puzzle     Seven Steps to Mastering Business Analysis     

Relevant Interview Questions
> What strategies can the BA and project team use to facilitate stakeholder sign-off on requirements?
> Can requirements for a system interface be documented as a use case?
> What is Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and why is it important?

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