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Find information about past, current, and future projects (available projects) that Modern Analyst project members are responsible for completing.

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Future Projects (Available Projects)

Project:  Ongoing Development of Interview Questions

Estimated Duration: 3 Months

The Ongoing Development of Interview Questions is focused on creating new interview questions and seeding them with answers for the Modern Analyst community.  The project member assigned to this task will be expected to:

  • Suggest new interview questions
  • Search the existing interview questions to ensure uniqueness
  • Provide an initial answer to each new interview question
  • Provide intital answers to existing interview questions that do not yet have answers
  • Collaborate with other project members on the review of new interview questions and answers

Project:  Who’s Who of the Analysis Profession

Estimated Duration: 3 - 6 Months

The Who’s Who of the Analysis Profession project is intended to provide members of the Modern Analyst community with a quick guide to the key visionaries, influencers, and contributors of the analysis profession, both past and present. The project member assigned to this task will be expected to:

  • Develop a set of weighted criteria for objectively evaluating candidates to be included in the directory
  • Identify a list of candidates to be evaluated for inclusion in the directory
  • Research candidates’ accomplishments and contributions to the analysis profession.
  • Develop a rough template for what should be included in each candidate’s biography
  • Create a draft biography for each candidate that is included in the directory
Current Projects

Project:  Modern Analyst Knowledge Appraiser

Project Member: Perry McLeod
Estimated Duration: 8-12 Months
Project Link: Modern Analyst Knowledge Appraiser 

The Modern Analyst Knowledge Appraiser is an initiative which has two main purposes:

  • Add a new feature to in order to allow community members to test (appraise) their business analysis and systems analysis skills.
  • Showcase a project "live" as it develops  so that members of the community who are more junior or just getting started can witness a project unfold and get a sense of the types of issues, challenges, and rewards that a business analyst or systems analyst experiences during the life of a project.

NOTE: All information, materials, content, and design of the Modern Analyst Knowledge Appraiser are copyright work of Modern Analyst Media LLC and are simply published as part of a sample project as a service to the business systems analysis community.



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