Role: Business Analyst

High-level definition of the Business Analyst role

Here we refer to a very specific role (not the generic business analyst title). This is the analyst which has very strong business skills and understanding of the business domain and who is generally specialized in a given industry or vertical market. The key role of this analyst is to analyze the business processes, procedures, organization structure, etc. in order to identify problems and determine solutions. Generally, the solutions created by this analyst are in the form of new or modified business processes, new or modified procedures, etc.

This category also includes many of the consultants at the “Big 5” firms.

In addition to “business analyst”, some of the job titles commonly used for this role are: business consultant, management consultant, etc.

Please note that “business analyst” is also the term used in a more generic sense for many other roles and, as a result, is the source of all kinds of confusion and misinterpretation. 

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