The Data Analyst Role

High-level definition of the Data Analyst role

The Data Analyst is the professional whose focus of analysis and problem solving relates to data, types of data, and relationships among data elements within a business system or IT system.

The data analyst role can vary but it can commonly involve the following: 

  • Documenting the types and structure of the business data (logical modeling), 
  • Analyzing and mining business data to identify patterns and correlations among the various data points, 
  • Mapping and tracing data from system to system in order to solve a given business or system problem, 
  • Design and create data reports and reporting tools to help business executives in their decision making, 
  • Perform statistical analysis of business data.

Other common titles for this role are: Data Modeler, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Warehouse Analyst, Systems Analyst, Business Analyst (generic term), etc.  

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