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We are Lean and Agile  --  VISIT
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We are Lean and Agile are a UK partner of Engage Process. With our support, training, coaching and the amazing software we make continuous improvement easy for you. Our services make it easy for you to capture, understand, engage, cost and improve your processes. You can find the waste and look to remove it with improvement ideas identified. Better still, you can then compare the costs of the 2 processes and understand the benefits.

All of this you would probably think would take more time. Actually, it doesn’t, typically it will be 30-40% less cost than deploying the traditional post its and brown paper approach and much faster too! And finally, no it is incredibly cheap the ROI is amazing. Don’t take our word for it prove it with the free months trial.

We offer training and coaching for the software and improvement approaches as an accredited training partner. We also offer wider support to organisations with value-add techniques like Lego Serious Play workshops or Playing Lean games.

Our aim is to make improvement easier for you and we look to build your organisations capabilities to deliver sustainable improvement.

Have a look at our website for more info   


The Business Analysis Doctor, LLC  --  VISIT
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The Business Analysis Doctor, LLC provides business analysis training and mentoring to business analysts all over the world. We combine multiple learning techniques including presentation, discussion, simulation and exercises to transform theory from industry standards and the body of knowledge into a practical and engaging learning experience. The courses focus on exactly what students need to achieve the desired objectives and outcomes. Courses are led by a certified business analysis professional (CBAP) with an extensive background in coaching and business analysis, offering a unique method of simplifying complex information. Key services include, business analysis coaching, live online IIBA certification preparation, as well as on-demand and self-study materials to facilitate self-paced learning. Our innovative learning platform provides learners with a range of options for IIBA certification prep, all from the comfort of their own home!

Art of Business Analysis  --  VISIT
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Art of Business Analysis, IIBA Endorsed Education Provider,  is a training and consulting company that provides  professional development courses and workshops related to the business analysis.

Our experts provide open trainings as well as tailored corporate training programs in business analysis and business process modelling to meet your needs. We are committed to help improve the quality of the business analysis through learning best practices and approaches. Combination of theory and practice allows to put knowledge to use.



The Inteq Group, Inc.  --  VISIT
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Inteq's MoDA/Framework™ (MoDA = Model Driven Analysis) has emerged as the global standard for business analysis and business systems analysis. The framework delivers breakthrough speed, agility and quality of analysis. The framework provides the tactical blueprint for business transformation. 

The framework is a cohesive body of knowledge consisting of practical techniques and proven concepts that utilize intuitive business-oriented visual diagrams (e.g. process maps, activity diagrams, entity relationship diagrams, state transition diagrams) to rapidly discover, critically analyze and clearly blueprint forward facing business requirements.

The MoDA/Framework™ represents standardized best practices that business and systems analysts can consistently and effectively apply across projects, across the organization.

Inteq's MoDA/Framework™


QuickDBD - Quick Database Diagrams  --  VISIT
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QuickDBD is an online tool for very rapidly designing databases and data structures. It lets the user stay on the keyboard rather than clicking and dragging the mouse.

It saves time for analysts and architects, while also helping them to maintain concentration and work in a state of flow.

Features include: text-based database design, generation of database diagrams, generate DDL SQL of database designs, import SQL, generate documentation. Realtime collaboration is coming soon.


Data Analysis & Results, Inc.  --  VISIT
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Since 1985, DA&R’s senior consultants have provided expert guidance and interim management and executive roles in organizations like yours all over the world... We create elegant solutions to leverage our clients’ opportunities for growth and improvement. We will collaborate with your staff to directly and efficiently address your pressing issues and solve your complex problems.

Let DA&R’s Project Management, PMO, Turnaround Management, Interim COO/CIO/VP/Director, Staffing, Training and Business Analysis Consulting Services complete your projects or improve your operations processes. Request a quote or contact us for a complimentary initial consultation.


CommonSensical BA  --  VISIT
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The CommonSensical BA is an organization founded by Deena Chadwick that provides in coaching and training for PMs, BAs, and Agile/Lean Teams on the CommonSensical Approach. We focus on tips, tricks, and how-tos to bring common sense back to the crazy and complicated world of project and product delivery. 

The CommonSensical Approach is an approach to business analysis, technical writing, and project management that encourages making good decisions based on the simple perception of the situation and your own past experiences and intelligence.


FreeSight  --  VISIT
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FreeSight is an end-user or self-service software tool for all types of data preparation and reporting. It includes patented and unique functions for simplifying and automating data blending/integration, data cleansing, normalizing, summarizing, analysis and reporting.

It was explicitly designed to remove the frustrations and limitations often experienced when one uses spreadsheets for data work and reporting. FreeSight offers full spreadsheet capabilities, but being designed for data preparation and report automation, it also contains 100’s of other powerful features to simplify and automate the types of tasks one faces when working with data – including drag-and-drop data integration, automatic data cleansing functions, simple to access data summarizations (like pivot tables, but much easier and more flexible), and automatic and real-time data visualizations.

FreeSight was designed to be accessible enough to bring these powerful data manipulation operations to all types of business users, yet also be robust, flexible and powerful enough to challenge and excite data scientists, power users and model developers.


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XPOR is a complete No-Code Development Platform, enabling Business Analysts with no code skills to design, deliver and manage technical solutions, hosted in the cloud or internal networks.  It is enables Business Analysts to build Applications, starting from a basic system model, (a kind of system "template") comprising the entities and their relationships between each other.  The BA can then add in the forms that will reflect the data that is to be provided to Users, together with the automation / notifications that will flow forms around the User base.

XPOR has two principal components;

  1. System Modeller and creation tool that you download and install on your pc, to communicate instantly with your …
  2. XPOR Installation – the cloud-based application that you are producing.

The System Modelling Tool is an always-connected program that synchronises directly to your Application as and when you make changes.  Your XPOR Installation is a totally independent, securely isolated, cloud-based application, packed with features you can use as you require.


Digital Business Transformation Suite  --  VISIT
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Interfacing is the global leader in business transformation, empowering organizations to efficiently govern business complexity through business process management software and quality management solutions. Interfacing’s solutions are intuitively designed for business users; facilitating multiple organizational programs within a single platform and covering the full spectrum of quality, governance, improvement and compliance initiatives. Interfacing’s leading Business Process Management Software the Enterprise Process Center® (EPC) has been recognized in 2017 by Gartner® as a leader in Enterprise Business Process Analysis (BPA), Operational Intelligence (OI) & Business Operating System (BOS). Additionally, the EPC was also selected by KMWorld as this year’s top trend-setting software, CIO Review’s Top 20 Business Process Management Software (BPM Software), CIO Applications’ Top 25 Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) tools and Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 Product Leadership Award. With success stories across all industries and corners of the globe, our solutions are highly adaptable to industry, driver and regulatory specific requirements with significant attention invested towards reducing cost & effort to preserve the natural flow of an organization.

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