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Juicebox: Reporting and Data Storytelling Solution  --  VISIT
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Transform spreadsheets and databases into beautiful, interactive web reporting and presentations.

No Pain. Just Gain. Proven report-design techniques baked in.
Delightfully interactive data experiences for your customers.
Design once, deliver many times.
Yes, your data can tell a story — no coding required.
Use data from spreadsheets or databases.


Project Performance International  --  VISIT
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Project Performance International (PPI) is the world’s largest and most successful provider of systems engineering training. Our alumni of over 14,500 professionals across almost every imaginable sector in 41 countries speak for itself. Become empowered to improve the performance of your company and improve the quality of your business life through insightful, experience-based training delivered by PPI world experts using advanced learning techniques.

With both PPI Live-Online and contact training delivery formats you will:

  • learn sound principles based on historical evidence, and astute application of these principles to create value for your enterprise
  • discover efficient, actionable methods, some not well-known but very effective, taking in workshop format a single system through all major process areas, to achieve a high level of learning.

As testament to PPI’s impact globally, clients of PPI, from small start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, include Airbus, AVIC, BAE Systems, Babcock, BHP Billiton, Boeing, Boston Scientific, Cochlear, De Beers, Dyson, Embraer, General Dynamics, Halliburton, Harris, L3, Lockheed, Mitsubishi, NEC, Nokia, Northrop Grumman, Panasonic, Shell, Siemens, Thales, and public sector organizations worldwide. Join us now in helping make the world a better place through systems engineering.

Project Performance International -
systems engineering training and consulting for project success …


J&J Enterprise Consulting  --  VISIT
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J&J Enterprise Consulting offers consulting services for UK-based SMEs.  J&J can support SMEs who want to become more process-based with various methods and techniques.  From externalising processes into documents for training out new ways of working to implementing fully automated BPM systems.


Xebrio  --  VISIT
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Xebrio is a SaaS-based requirements management software which covers every phase of project development from requirement analysis to deployment. Xebrio helps teams achieve maximum productivity by enabling precise and comprehensive requirement analysis and tracking, milestone tracking, hassle-free collaboration and task assignment, issue tracking, and much more, ensuring that your team never misses a deadline and works efficiently. It offers you the flexibility that your team needs without making following up on tasks harder than the tasks itself.


Nous Infosystems | Qlik BI Services  --  VISIT
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Organizations no longer doubt the need for Business Intelligence (BI). They are quickly adopting BI tools that enable users to determine faster and more reliable decisions by handling their analyses. One of the primary features of BI that figures immense value to decision making is Data Visualization. Despite industry or size, enterprises are fast adopting data visualization tools to gain a sense of their data. With an importance on visualization and ease of control, Qlik has won recognition from business users across industry verticals and supports all levels of end-users to smoothly and intuitively explore data. It also extends the flexibility to improve its out-of-the-box visualization capabilities through the aid of extensions.

Nous specializes in supporting organizations to build a Data-Driven enterprise by scaling the Qlik platform to succeed faster time-to-market. Nous has deep domain expertise in several industry verticals such as Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, and Hi-Tech. Nous' value of delivering various BI implementations over the last 15 years has increased well-known expertise in BI/Analytics, achieving across a variety of technologies.

Nous is a global IT consulting services firm providing best-in-class software solutions and services across a broad spectrum of industries. Nous has been delivering quality technology outsourcing solutions to customers for more than two decades. Major offerings include digital transformation solutions, cloud computing consulting, application development and maintenance, business analytics & intelligence solutions, IT infrastructure management, product engineering, and independent testing services. For more details, please get in touch with Nous.


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An independently owned business since 1992, the Center for Safety & Environmental Management (CSEM) is run by professionals with extensive experience in hazardous and environmental safety training. We deliver quality and robust educational programs in safety training and consulting services to government organizations and corporate entities. We can design and create products that provide seamless and systematic training, whether the delivery is in-person, instructor-led, video-based, or as a live webinar. The training courses are also available 24/7 to achieve the required training goals in private, institutional, and governmental sectors. You can refer to the course outlines to get an understanding of the basic training materials, but you can customize each course to your specific business requirements. Our founder, Frank Quarato, will provide custom training on-site, in the facilities of a national partner, or as a webinar. The full courses include OSHA training, EPA training, DOT training, MSHA training, Skilled Trades training, Marcellus shale training, Hazwoper training, and Miner training. You can choose to get certificate-based credited courses for mandatory compliance training. The certification you get at the end may be for one to three years. You can take worldwide-based safety training classes and courses which come tailored to meet your individual business needs for workplace safety. There are also COVID 19 safety training classes. You can also join the CSEM referral program to offer course training to your clients and get 10% of the program profits.


SAL Coach Consult  --  VISIT
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SALCoachConsult provides personal coaching and mentoring for Business Analysts, with a focus on supporting early career years where the fledgling analyst has limited experience but is exposed to demanding situations.  Contractors may feel very exposed at this time whilst holding themselves to high standards to deliver value to their clients.  The founder has 22 years in IT, with 15 of those in Business Analysis working in a wide variety of UK corporates as a contractor.  


objectiF RPM  --  VISIT
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Berlin based microTOOL has been developing tools for model-based software development, requirements engineering and project management since 1984. We're experts in methods from OOP to agile Scaling with SAFe®. As silver partners and training providers of the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) we also share our knowledge in trainings. 

Our software solution objectiF RM offers features for professional requirements engineering, modeling and management. It facilitates teamwork, secures traceability and supports backlog refinement. You can use it on premise or in the cloud. Multiple interfaces (Jira, Microsoft Word/Excel, ReqIF, REST API, etc.) provide for high integrability.

objectiF RPM has objectiF RM inside and offers project, program and portfolio management features on top. It covers the entire lifecyle of agile or hybrid development methods with traceability to code level.  Special templates  for SAFe®, digital transformation and Lean Portfolio Management are also available. 

Get a free trial of any of our products or find out more about them at:


We are Lean and Agile  --  VISIT
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We are Lean and Agile are a UK partner of Engage Process. With our support, training, coaching and the amazing software we make continuous improvement easy for you. Our services make it easy for you to capture, understand, engage, cost and improve your processes. You can find the waste and look to remove it with improvement ideas identified. Better still, you can then compare the costs of the 2 processes and understand the benefits.

All of this you would probably think would take more time. Actually, it doesn’t, typically it will be 30-40% less cost than deploying the traditional post its and brown paper approach and much faster too! And finally, no it is incredibly cheap the ROI is amazing. Don’t take our word for it prove it with the free months trial.

We offer training and coaching for the software and improvement approaches as an accredited training partner. We also offer wider support to organisations with value-add techniques like Lego Serious Play workshops or Playing Lean games.

Our aim is to make improvement easier for you and we look to build your organisations capabilities to deliver sustainable improvement.

Have a look at our website for more info   


The Business Analysis Doctor, LLC  --  VISIT
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The Business Analysis Doctor, LLC provides business analysis training and mentoring to business analysts all over the world. We combine multiple learning techniques including presentation, discussion, simulation and exercises to transform theory from industry standards and the body of knowledge into a practical and engaging learning experience. The courses focus on exactly what students need to achieve the desired objectives and outcomes. Courses are led by a certified business analysis professional (CBAP) with an extensive background in coaching and business analysis, offering a unique method of simplifying complex information. Key services include, business analysis coaching, live online IIBA certification preparation, as well as on-demand and self-study materials to facilitate self-paced learning. Our innovative learning platform provides learners with a range of options for IIBA certification prep, all from the comfort of their own home!

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