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A Prototype is Nothing More Than a Picture
Can business analysis help finding the “missing” requirements?
> BA and UX specialist: A winning combination for superior results in software projects
> Developing Effective Agile Requirements Relies on Both User Stories and Use Cases

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A Prototype is Nothing More Than a Picture - UI Spec
by Paul Mulvey, Business Analyst, Speaker, Author
So that developers can code the solution and create the expected functionality, you need to create the accompanying description for the prototype. This could be called a user interface specification, or prototype functional description, or some other document. No matter what you name it (I’ll call it the User Interface Specification, or UI Spec), it’s the piece of information that explains in detail how the user interfaces with the software, and it sets up the expectations for the behavior of the system. 

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Can business analysis help finding the “missing” requirements?
by Umbreen Sherwani, Business Analyst, SecondFloor
Missing requirements are usually not part of the long list of requirements that we have elicited and then prioritized with stakeholders. The irony is no stakeholder (including business analysts) identified these missing requirements during the project lifecycle - it just appeared out of the blue moon one day after the go live and no amount of process governance adopted during business analysis could ensure that such requirement was considered earlier.

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BA and UX specialist: A winning combination for superior results in software projects
by Adriana Beal, Beal Projects
I’m a fierce proponent of a business analyst role separate from other roles, such as project manager. But what about user experience or interaction designers? Does every software project truly need a UX/UI specialist (or team of specialists)? Or could this aspect of the solution be taken care by the collaboration between the BA and the development team?


Developing Effective Agile Requirements Relies on Both User Stories and Use Cases
by Nancy Y. Nee, CBAP, ESI International
There is a common misconception that Agile replaces the need for use cases with user stories. Questions on this topic have been posted on social network sites such as Skillsharks, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The question shouldn’t be “Do user stories replace use cases?” Rather, the question should be framed: “How do we leverage the power of use cases with user stories when developing effective Agile requirements?”


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