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Featured articles showcased in this issue:
The Product Backlog Board
Dreaming Of A Business Analyst Career: A Personal Journey From QA To BA
The Decision Model: Breaking Barriers in Real-World Projects

> Managing Requirements from a BA or an Enterprise Architect perspective using BABOK and/or TOGAF

> Webinar: Using Visio and SharePoint for Process Management: Practical Tips and Customer Examples
> Webinar: Being Rational in an Accelerated World

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Even more Resources for Business Analysts
New Interview Questions

The Product Backlog Board
by Roman Pichler, Pichler Consulting
How come product owners and teams struggle to use the product backlog effectively? One of the reasons lies in the linear nature of a traditional product backlog: It is a list of "features, functions, technologies, enhancements, and bug fixes," as "Agile Software Development with Scrum" states. Such a list works well for creating a simple product. But it can be inappropriate for a more ambitious one. 

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Dreaming Of A Business Analyst Career: A Personal Journey From QA To BA
by Lauren Elkins, IT BSA, ARUP Laboratories
We BA's are occasionally asked, "What do you do?" I try to make a joke out of this innocent question by replying, "Well, what would YOU do with English and writing degrees? I'm a Business Analyst of course." People don’t laugh.  It's not because they don't want to make fun of an English major, it's because they don't have a clue what a Business Analyst does. You can't laugh at a joke if you don't get the punch line.

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The Decision Model: Breaking Barriers in Real-World Projects
by Larry Goldberg & Barbara von Halle, KPI LLC
The number of successes with The Decision Model is escalating. Organizations are using The Decision Model to solve a range of business challenges and opportunities including some we did not expect. Therefore, this month we summarize three real world projects to illustrate how organizations are using decision models and how quickly project teams are delivering them.


Managing Requirements from a BA or an Enterprise Architect perspective using BABOK and/or TOGAF
by Serge Thorn, CIO of Architecting the Enterprise
Many Business Analysts are using the IIBA’s BABOK which contains information about a Requirements Management process, from identifying organizational situations that give cause to a project, through to starting the requirements gathering process, to delivering a solution to the business or a client. TOGAF 9 from an Enterprise Architecture viewpoint also provides some techniques to gather requirements to equally deliver business solutions. This article illustrates the two processes, defines the mapping between the two approaches and identifies gaps in each.


Using Visio® 2010 and SharePoint® 2010 for Process Management: Practical Tips and Customer Examples
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Being Rational in an Accelerated World
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> Kano Analysis as a requirements prioritization model
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> Senior Business Process Analyst
> Business Systems Analyst
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