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New to Req Documentation, Artifacts..Need Feedback 

Hi Everyone I am new to previous job we stressed communication and models with notes but not a real requirments documentation..the attitute was productivity not documentation..the most documenation we did was the release note, help file and a few models. My new job is requiring documentation.


1. Can you use sharepoint for Requirment tracebility? or is excel or access better? I just want to place it in sharepoint because this is where we store everything and i want it to be accessible so its not a bunch of papper everywhere.

2. How do you write a feature for a change that requires moving or changing functionality like "Remove save message box" or " Open form in edit mode if new user else open in read mode".

3. What models do you use the MOST often and why? which one should i spend the most time perfecting and are the best for development to get started implementation. As a programer u realy dont want to have to sort through a bunch of code to get to the goods. UML Activity Diagrams, flow charts, UI process flow, usecases..others?

4. Do you break out the tasks for features, requirements or stories? I am new to the concept of stories and have not really wrapped my head around them. I typically group requirements into features then break those into tasks. Just need some guidance and want to do a good job because this job measures based on documents produced where as my old job was impressed with my communitcaion, analytical and solutions skill set.

Does this example look ok? Do you really NEED usecases?

ex: Feature: Automate weekly emails for New Ebay Users

      Requirment: Automate email service to deliver 'New Customer" email to kick off email service at 2pmest Monday-Friday

                          A new customer is defined as a customer who has created an ebay account and has no exisiting match on email or mailing address.

                        If email and/or mailing address is found, send a "Are you a returning customer" email.

                        If email service is unable to deliver email send email to "Invaild email Queue"

                        Emails are to display the fields and template as indicated in the below Figures.

                           A confirmation email is to be sent to '[email protected]" for all emails sent. Confirmation email is to be sent everyday at 5pmest for the current day.

                            1b. Figure 2 "New Customer" email Template

                            1c. Figure 3 "Confirmation" email template

                            1d.Figure 4 " New customer Email" Flow

Done Criteria:

             Test email sent with valid  and invalid email address

              Test email with New and recurring customer

              Test email confirmation with over 2,000 new customers

              Test email log at 12pm,1:59,2:05,5pm and 6pm to ensure delievered on time

              Test email for new customers joined on a Weekday and Weekends

              Tests implemented wth zero defects    


      1. Setup Email service for nightly process    5hrs       Patrick

      2. Create views in SQL for New customers   6hrs      Brain

      3. Test email service                                      2hrs      Patrick

      4. Create email template                               1hr       Patrick


Test case: Test automation service is being sent to New ebay customers inbox at 2pmest.

New Customer     Email                             Day Joined               Expected Result

Lisa Mcleon           [email protected]           Sunday                   Delivered in Users Inbox at 2pmest the following Monday

Rainy Smith         [email protected]                      Sunday                   Delieverd in Invaild User box

End of test                                             confirmation email in [email protected] inbox

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  Requirements  New to Req Documentation, Artifacts..Need Feedback

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