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Data Modeling Made Simple with CA ERwin Data Modeler r8

Data Modeling Made Simple with CA ERwin Data Modeler r8
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Author: Donna Burbank, Steve Hoberman
Paperback: 600 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1935504092 

About the Author

Donna Burbank has a unique perspective on the field of data modeling - having helped design and produce several of the leading metadata and data modeling tools in the market today, as well as having spent many years as a consultant implementing these solutions. As a consultant, she has worked with Global 2000 companies worldwide and as a software provider, she has been instrumental in the development efforts at Platinum Technology, Embarcadero Technologies, and CA Technologies. She is currently the senior director of product marketing at CA Technologies.

Steve Hoberman is the most requested data modeling instructor in the world. Steve balances the formality and precision of data modeling with the realities of building software systems with severe time, budget, and people constraints. In his consulting and teaching, he focuses on templates, tools, and guidelines to reap the benefits of data modeling with minimal investment. He taught his first data modeling class in 1992 and has educated more than 10,000 people about data modeling and business intelligence techniques since then. Steve is the author of five books on data modeling, the founder of the Design Challenges group, and inventor of the Data Model Scorecard®.


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