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Handbook of Technical Writing, Ninth Edition

Handbook of Technical Writing, Ninth Edition
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Categories: Technical Writing

Author: Gerald J. Alred, Charles T. Brusaw, Walter E. Oliu
Paperback: 624 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0312575120

Now in its eighth edition, this classic book remains the complete technical-writing reference for students and professionals alike. Alphabetically organized and easy to use, its nearly 400 entries provide guidance for the most common types of professional documents and correspondence, including reports, proposals, manuals, memos, and white papers. Abundant sample documents and visuals throughout the book demonstrate effective technical communication, reflecting current practices for formatting documents and using e-mail. In addition, advice on organizing, researching, writing, and revising complements thorough treatment of grammar, usage, style, and punctuation to provide comprehensive help with writing skills. This edition has been thoroughly revised to include expanded advice for analyzing the context of different writing situations, using and integrating visuals, and dealing with ethical concerns in technical writing. Improved coverage of research now includes guidelines for IEEE-style documentation as well as clearer explanations of copyright and plagiarism concerns. Entries throughout the book have been revised, updated, consolidated, and streamlined to provide the most accurate and accessible information. Comprehensive yet concise, the Handbook of Technical Writing remains the quick reference faithful users have come to appreciate.


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