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Mix Analysis FC v Actual 

Hi All 

I am trying to understand mix analysis properly and how to calculate variances from FC to Actuals. This example is based on services, this could be any service but we will go with Car Sales being the Product and the service being a car wash taken out at the time of purchase.

There are 3 variables. Price, Volume of cars sold and Uptake of the service. Price, volume and uptakes could change from FC to Actuals through several means but the variance analysis is the key point here. 

I have attached a google sheet an example of how I can get from FC to Actual Income through 4 different methods, all of which I believe are wrong. 

I'm looking for a solution to properly perform variance analysis for these 3 variables from FC to Actual Income. 

Let me know if you can help!


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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  Data Analysis f...  Mix Analysis FC v Actual

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