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Use Case feedback 

I just started working as a BA and have few questions regarding Use Cases. It would be really helpful if somebody can help me asap. Thanks

I have Company N who have two division NA and NB working on this project. I just finished completing BRD and have the sign off. I have to complete the detail use cases now for this project during the solution scoping stage. One problem is no one is this company is used to use case for projects here. They have given me the role and also decided to use this project to bring use case concept to the IT department. I am not sure if i am going in the right direction because i will not  be able to receive any positive feedback. Most people are new to this use case concept. Even though i have worked with use cases before but i was a part of the whole team where in this project they have given me the lead for use case.Let me cut it to the chase.

So here is the sitution.

Company A has two division NA and NB.

NA will be using some reports lets say 3. These reports are being extracted and automated by lets say R (part of data storage warehouse ) from company NA data ware house D. Then Business from NA receives it and manually adjust some information and sends to NB where the Business do their part of manual adjustments and sends it to C which is the reporting application for NB and displays information for approved lets say Agents to see.

my questions are:

1. I have created 3 intial use cases where it shows creation of these reports where NA business do not play any part until these reports are created and sent to NA business people. so I have listed Primary Actor R and secondary actor NA data warehouse ( should i use NA business people as secondary actor even though at that point they are not using any role?)

2. Should i make one use use showing creation of 3 reports( even though reports are all different and cover different information for business)?

3. Should I list NA business as Primary Actor instead of R for creation and automation of these reports?

4.Even though R is taking information from NA datawarehouse D can i say one system is interacting with another even though R is part of D? the end reporting application C is showing information for NB business side for as i have mention lets say approved agents? who is the primary actor?

even though C is showing information is it C or who is viewing information in this case Agents is the Primary actor?



I would really appreciate any feedback on this or some examples related.Thanks in advance.



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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  General   Use Case feedback

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