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New Post 7/12/2007 11:00 AM
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New Business Systems Analysis and Design Course 
The American Management Association has announced a new course for business analysts and systems analysts.

Business Systems Analysis and Design

How You Will Benefit

  • Apply and manage changes—in scope, requirements, budget, timeline and deliverables
  • Know who is supposed to do what during the business systems development process
  • Enable the project team to build the right system by learning how to conduct the requirements analysis process

This is event is a GSA-approved program (Federal Government approved).

NOTE: Moved by admin from the news post.

New Post 8/26/2007 2:55 PM
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Systems Thinking and Business Process Analysis 

Swinburne University has an interesting coure for analysts.  It's part of a degree but you could potentially take the course alone.


This unit provides students with an understanding of several techniques for business process analysis. Through techniques such as Checkland's Soft Systems methodology, Structured philosophy, and Object-Oriented approaches to process analysis, explanation is provided of important modelling and management concepts, and interrelationships between business issues. The unit illustrates some contemporary methodologies coupled with major techniques and approaches relating to the identification, planning, and detailed analysis of business process requirements for business information systems.

Students completing this unit of study will be able to:

  • Describe, discuss and demonstrate familiarity with Checkland's Soft Systems methodology.
  • Comprehend and apply several techniques for business process analysis.
  • Describe and discuss roles of analysts within business process analysis.
  • Comprehend and demonstrate several requirements elicitation techniques.
  • Explain and discuss the relationship between business process analysis and software engineering,
    develop, enhance and apply critical thinking skills when addressing IS in organisations.

Reading Materials:

  • Bennett, S, McRobb, S & Farmer, R 2002, Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design using UML, 2nd edn, McCraw Hill, UK, ISBN: 0-07-709864-1
  • Hughes, M 2000, Mastering Systems Analysis and Design, MacMillian, Great Britian, ISBN: 0-333-74803-4
  • Larman, C 2004, Applying UML and Patterns, an introduction to object-oriented analysis and design and iterative development, International edn, Prentice Hall, USA, ISBN: 0-13-196945-5
  • Maciaszek, LE 2001, Requirements Analysis and System Design: developing information systems with UML, Addison Wesley, England, ISBN: 0-201-70944-
  • Pressman, RS 2001, Software Engineering: a practitioners approach, 5th edn, McCraw Hill, NY, ISBN: 0-07-365578-3

Australians are entitled to about $50k worth of subsidised post graduate education.  That is the governement pays up front and then deducts it via your income tax later.


Many but not all Australian degrees are also available by distance eduication.  Contact the course administrator to find out your options.

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