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New Post 8/12/2021 6:28 PM
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CRM Requirement Gathering 

Hi guys, I am more of a newbie BA as my profile name suggests and I need help from you guys. I've worked in Agile Scrum to enhance internal solutions but now my medium sized company wants to implement CRM. I do not have much visibilty on CRM and I read through and watched videos but none of the explained what type of requirements I should be gathering with my internal stakeholders within my company before approaching the Vendors. Any ideas how I should proceed? 

New Post 8/17/2021 6:34 AM
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Re: CRM Requirement Gathering 

Hi NotSoExpBA, 

Can I just clarify something to start off with. When you say " wants to implement CRM..." what do you mean by that? I ask because there is a CRM methodology (not often used these days) or there is a CRM software system/platform - Both relate around Customer Relationship Management, but as I said - one is a methodology and one is a software system.

To save a bit of time I shall answer as if it is the software platform you need, but let me know if it is the other and I will provide an answer for that on request..

As the BA, what you need to find out first is about your company and their requirements:

a. Who are the stakeholders. To know this you need to understand what the system is aiming to achieve and what its general point of it is. There should be a project Sponsor who is affectively paying for the system, so first things first, go and speak to them. Then Find out:

1. Who will use this system? This will tell you who your stakeholders are.

2, What will it do? This will be the high level requirements - In Agile Speak they will be high level User Stories which the Stakeholders will provide more detail to.

3. What is its purpose (to improve sales, impriove cusotmer satisfaction etc)? These will be both Test Criteria and also act as Goals for the project. As a part of the project, you will probably need to create MI on these markers as they will form your KPIs.(Key Performance Indiciators) and will be used to judge it the system is achieveing its aim or not.

4. What is the budget for the system - both buying it in the first place, licesnse costs after 1, 2 and more years, what is the budget for maintenance and modifications

5. Who will own/maintain/manaage the system in your company - do they have capaicty to do this or do they need extra resource.

6. Is there a budget for training - both the people managing it but also those using it day to day.?

7. Does the system need to integrate with any other system your company has?

8. Does the system need to provide any form of MI?

9. If your company has multiple sites in different areas, you will need to find out if each/all sites need access to the sysyem.

10. Does your current IT stack (all your systems) have the capability to run a CRM system? E.g. will staff members PCs crash if they try to use it. Your IT team should have a good understanbding of this even before you choose a system.

Once your company has agreed the above, then the questions you ask the Vendors should just ratify that the CRM system can cope with your needs.

I would strongly suggest that you ask the Vendor to capture the questions you ask and to answer them in a formal document. This will act as a refresher to you, and more importantly, as a confirmation receipt that the system will be able to do what you wanted/stated. Get them to set out the exact prices based on the information you gath them - again this is your pre-contract quote and so any prices they quote should be honoured.

Give them a heads up as to what roughly you want the system to do when you arrange the appointment to meet the vendors. This will enable them to show you a demonstration of hte system in something close to what you want it for.  Most good CRM providers have pre-build examples of how their system works in most Business types. 

1. Number of Users (also ask about licenses and cost based on the number of Users - CRM systems differ massively)

2. Does it have the ability to be modified to fit all the imformation you need (this should have all been set out with the stakeholders)?

3. Is it easy to modify and in order to do so, will you (your company) be able to do it or will the Vendors - if so how much extra will that cost (it is expensive to ge tthem to do it so consider this carefully). 

4. Do they provide training if required?

5. What about storage costs - does it come as part of the deal or is it extra?

6. What about integration with systems x,y and z?

7. Does it have an MI suite attached and is it a part of the cost or extra?

8. Who puts Users onto the system and sets their peormissions (ideally you do, therefore someone or some people will need to be Master Users - do they get any training and how many are you allowed)?

9. Where is it hosted - internally or externally and accessed via the web?

10. What are the minimum requirements to run it (does your company run Macbooks or PCs and if Macbooks, is the CRM system compatible with them). 

11. (Depending on the answer to the question you asked your company about mutiple sites) - does the system have the ability to be run at mutliple sites - if globally across different countries be specific with the Vendor. 

In short, you talking to people in your company that should enable you to know what system you need, what purpose it is for and also what the budget is.

The talk with the vendors will define if that system is suitable for your needs and how much it will all cost.

I strongly suggest you talk to many vendors as there are lots of CRM systems out there - some better than others. 

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