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New Post 4/26/2013 7:05 AM
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New Member - Question about Business Analyst experiences 

Greetings to all. Glad to have found this resource.

I am hoping to get an opportunity to formally be hired as a BA. I have been performing the duties of one in various scenarios over many years.

My question is this: When starting a new job as a BA what has been your experience on the first few weeks of the job? What were your first steps?

Thank you.


New Post 5/13/2013 9:54 AM
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Re: New Member - Question about Business Analyst experiences 

Hi mds, and welcome to the site.

The first few weeks will really depend on the company and the work assignment. A typical first assignment for a BA is on a project - so first steps are learning about the project itself, and the type of documentation needed from the BA on the project. I always like to look through documents prepared on other projects for the company if available. 

The ModernAnalyst site is also a great resource - there are a lot of great 'how-tos' under the Articles section, examples of documents and diagrams under the 'Templates' section, and great tips and quick references under the 'Interview Questions' link.

I've worked for several different companies in my career, and as a consultant I work for short periods (ususally 6 months to 1 year) on different projects for different companies - so I'm often starting fresh at new places.  One thing I've always found is that nobody wants you to fail - there are always people ready to help you get started.  And the folks on this forum are always here to help too.  So don't worry that you have to know everything - ask questions at work, and ask questions on this forum too. 


New Post 5/17/2013 9:50 PM
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Re: New Member - Question about Business Analyst experiences 

 Another thing to think about is becoming familiar with BA tools.  Not sure if you've used them while performing the duties of a BA in a different role (as you alluded to), but becoming familiar with the tools that are out there will definitely help you understand where/how you can leverage tools to make your job easier.  If it's possible to find out what tools are in use at the company you are looking to be hired at and do some research on those, even better.

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  Requirements  New Member - Question about Business Analyst experiences

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