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New Post 6/18/2015 7:20 PM
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New BA needs help 

Hi All,

Hope you all are doing great. I am new BA and I got my first requirement to analyze. I need your help to provide suggestions/feedback.

Issue: There is two search fields in my application XYZ application, Item and Item Code. You can use either of these 2 fields to get the list of the items you need.  Here is what is happening and I will take an example for field XYZ:

  1. If XYZ = A, the item list populates all the items starting with A
  2. If XYZ = CO, the item list populates all the items containing CO
  3. If XYZ = PIE, it opens the item details of one of the pie items instead of populating a list of items containing pie

What could be the best way to restrict the search and get the most relevant items in the drop down list based on the search criteria?

I was thinking to enter atleast 3 letter that would populate the items starting with those three letters.


enter atleast 3 letter that would populate the items containing with those three letters.


Please help!!

Thanks for your extended support.


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  Modern Analyst Forums  ModernAnalyst.c...  Introductions &...  New BA needs help

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