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Domain Modeling

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Trips-R-You Case Study Data Dictionary v1.0

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Trips-R-You Case Study Data Dictionary v1.0
Section 3 begins by presenting one additional tool - a Data Dictionary. As the detail for a given HLR is discussed, the data-specific business needs involved are captured using this tool. The idea is to add entries about record types and fields (i.e. entities and attributes) the first time their need is discussed (e.g. an HLR for a specific screen or report). Once captured, those data-specific details are available for reference when those needs come up again, as they will, during discussions involving other HLRs. The detail in the data dictionary is shown to support a transition requirement for a new or updated database schema.

Free BPMN Stencils for Visio

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Free BPMN Stencils for Visio

BPMN Stencils for Visio 2002 and Visio 2003 (*.vss) and a template (BPMN_Template.vst) of BPMN symbols including:

  • Start, End, and Intermediate Events
  • Tasks, Subprocesses, and Gateways
  • Flow Elements and Artifacts
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Visio-based BPMN Model for Accounts Payable

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Visio-based BPMN Model for Accounts Payable

BPMN is the standard for business process modeling, but business analysts are frequently at a loss for where to begin their process modeling efforts. To help jump-start BPMN process modeling and analysis efforts, we are supplying a set of pre-built models and simulations for popular processes. These models were built through real-world process improvement engagements.

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