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Project Introduction: MA.COM Knowledge Appraiser Tool 

Hi All

Perry and Adrian have developed a project to allow some of the fledgling BAs such as myself the change to participate in online requirements gathering and design.   The Project Vision statement is:

To make freely available, as a gift to the internet community, under copyright to Modern Analyst Media LLC, a configurable Knowledge Appraisal and Assessment application that has been inspired by the business analysis profession but designed to be flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of technical and leadership oriented core competencies. This tool would be available to "use for free" for registered members of In the future Modern Analyst Media LLC may freely license the application or the content to other sites/companies outside of Modern Analyst Media LLC may also consider making the module (application) available to other interested parties for an as yet to be determined cost.

The short version - we're developing an online testing tool which will have attached learning resources for self-education purposes.

Over the coming few days with Adrian and Perry's guidance I will be posting some threads around the following topics:

User Profiles - We have a few categories here already - who else uses the site and how?

Feature list - We have a few site use scenarios developed - what other features would you like to see?  Non active links e.g. hxxp:// to other sites that have standout features are welcome here. PLEASE don't post active links e.g. we want to advance MA.COM not present Adrian with a large internet traffic bill.

Call for volunteers - This will be a great experience in both the process and producing a number of quality documents along the way on a live project.  If you have skills in requirements gathering, elicitation and management, use case modeling, activity diagrams, class diagrams, UI and Database design, test plan and case development etc.  we would love to hear from you. 

We will also need experienced practioners who are willing to volunteer as test proctors to develop and review the draft tests and moderate related discussion.

As many site members have already mentioned it would be wonderful to build recruiter traffic to the site.  Down the track having recruiters and recruitment sites utilise this assessment tool is going to be a very effective means of generating such traffic.  We have a wealth of experience, knowledge and differing perspectives in this community.  Please post your comments and suggestions here as a start.  Thanks.

Kevin Edwards


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  Modern Analyst Forums  ModernAnalyst.c...  Introductions &...  Project Introduction: MA.COM Knowledge Appraiser Tool

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