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New Post 4/26/2013 6:19 PM
User is offline Ranganath
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Business Analyst Role 


Hi All,

I joined this community today and I am very excited to know few things about BA.

Firstly how different is this from a programe managers role.

What is the best source to learn BA.

New Post 4/30/2013 9:00 AM
User is offline Tony Markos
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Re: Business Analyst Role 


Program Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst:  The most important thing that they do is the same.   That is partition (divide up) the system into approx right-size and equal-size "chunks" of required behavior.   They may deal with different scope efforts, but they all three need to do this.

After they have completing their partitioning efforts, what specifically they then do (i.e., estimating, vs requirements specification, vs risk analysis) may vary (although there is often overlap here also), but, again, the most important thing they do is partitioning of the system.

If you want to learn popular notitions of Business Analysis, then the BABOK is a good source.    However, if you want to learn about the main thing - partitioning, then good luck!   It is a hidden, taboo topic that is surrounded in great mystry.


New Post 5/1/2013 3:55 PM
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Re: Business Analyst Role 

Hi Ranganath, welcome to the site!

There is a great description of the Business Analyst profession, necessary skills and potential roles on the ModernAnalyst site, under 'The Profession' tab.  That should help you understand what BAs do, and how their role differs from other project and IT roles.  And of course, the BABOK lists the skills and competencies needed in the BA knowledge areas.

There are many ways to build your BA skills. The first step is to compare the skills you already have with the list of BA skills, and see where the gaps are. 

Classes / coursework require an investment of time and money, so it depends on whether you want to make that investment at this point in your career. Finding an experienced BA to act as a mentor and coach can be very helptul.  If there is a local chapter of the IIBA near you, that's probably a great place to start - you may meet someone to act as mentor, and you'll definitely learn about the profession. 


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