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HIRING BA in Dallas TX 

Manufacturing company in Sunnyvale, TX has an immediate need for an Internal Business Analyst. The position pays $50K-$70K. Job description is below. Please forward resume to [email protected] if you are interested! 



  • Perform business analyses and studies to support strategic management.
  • Propose ideas to improve profitability, operating efficiency, cost, and quality.


  • Metrics and reports to monitor company performance.
  • Models and analyses to assess business strategy.

Areas of Responsibility / Key Duties

  • Develop and maintain reporting systems; prepare reports
  • Prepare reports by extracting data  from computer applications (e.g., profitability by product, by technology, by  line, growth by segment, )
  • Develop metrics and reports to monitor actual business performance versus targets,( e.g., corporate sales budget by product category and by sales channel, KPI performance package for company owned sales service centers)
  • Consolidate US annual sales budget and develop monthly and quarterly summary for making sales plans.
  • Analyze market data to identify trends and opportunities to improve performance.
  • Develop business/financial presentation packages for CEO/CFO, Italy, and investors.
  • Perform business and market analyses
  • Perform financial and business analyses to support strategic and financial management, e.g., profitability by sales channel and by product category
  • Develop models and scenarios to evaluate strategic options.
  • Monitor market and competitive developments, to assess US business v. competitors
  • Conduct special business studies (e.g., market growth, mfg cost, freight analysis,…)
  • Recommend actions to increase profitability or efficiency of operations
  • Prepare special reports and presentations detailing Performance V. Goals
  • Analyze market data to identify trends and opportunities to improve performance. Develop models and scenarios to evaluate strategic options.  

Knowledge of …

  • Financial accounting practices (based on International GAAP)
  • Merger & Acquisition financial valuation.
  • MS-Excel at expert level
  • MS-PowerPoint at advanced level
  • MS-Access at proficient level


Able to …

  • Work effectively with sales, marketing, IT, and top management.
  • Perform in-depth business and market analyses using computer modeling tools (e.g., Excel, Access, in-house sales database).
  • Communicate effectively verbally and in writing.
  • Prepare clear, compelling business presentations.


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  Modern Analyst Forums  ModernAnalyst.c...  Introductions &...  HIRING BA in Dallas TX

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