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New Post 7/2/2017 2:42 AM
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Hello Everyone - Alastair Majury 
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I am a Business Analyst currently living in Dunblane, United Kingdom. My interests range from photography to technology. I am also interested in travel, cats, and volunteering.

Volunteering is incredibly important to Alastair Majury. In a day and age where people cynically bemoan how selfish our society has become, it is living proof that there is still plenty of selflessness out there. I learned that half the fun in volunteering is the joy and camaraderie of spending your time accomplishing a task with others.

Through the actions I have witnessed I now have a passionate belief in the extraordinary capacity human beings have for selflessness. We are often reminded of all the appalling deeds humans are carrying out, but not so often of the generous, kind-hearted ones.

Hence volunteering is important to me because it showcases the best the human species has to offer and reminds us that there is and always will be hope for a better future.

You can click the button above to visit my website.

Alastair Majury is a highly experienced Senior Business Analyst / Data Scientist with a proven track record of success planning, developing, implementing and delivering migrations, organisational change, regulatory, legislative, and process improvements, when providing my Senior Business Analyst / Data Scientist services for global financial organisations, covering the Challenger Bank, Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Wealth Management, and Life & Pensions sectors.

• Proven track record in achieving business goals, implementing and delivering change.
• Proven track record in implementing savings in one example saving £480,000 per year.
• Skilled in developing pragmatic solutions to support operational functions.
• Hands on team leader with strong organisational skills.
• Significant analytic skills particularly around process re-engineering and design.
• Proven track record in communicating complex requirements and solutions to all levels within an organisation from Executive level to management, developers, and end users.
• Go the extra mile to help ensure successful delivery of projects

Alastair Majury has developed these Senior Business Analyst / Data Scientist skills over the past ten years in Scottish financial services, which have been working with global heads, senior managers and all levels required to deliver effective, lasting change.


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New Post 7/9/2017 8:49 AM
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Re: Hello Everyone - Alastair Majury 

Hi Alastair,

Welcome to the Modern Analyst Community!


Adrian Marchis
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New Post 7/17/2017 1:38 AM
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Re: Hello Everyone - Alastair Majury 


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