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Applied Requirements Engineering: Getting the best out of your RE Process

Modern Analyst Webinar

When & Where

Wednesday, December 2, 2020 @ 11:00
(PST Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:00)



More Details

Starts 12/2/2020 @ 11:00
(PST Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:00)
Ends 12/2/2020 @ 12:00
(PST Pacific Standard Time GMT-8:00)


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December  2020

The Business Analyst and AI / Machine Learning

It seems that today nothing can be marketed without including the words “artificial intelligence” or “machine learning”. Are they just marketing terms? Or is there something behind the marketing jargon? Is AI truly going to impact every facet of business offering unprecedented ways of innovating and growing? And if that is the case, how does it affect business analysts? How do business analysts define requirements for artificial intelligence initiatives? Or are requirements actually necessary anymore? What is the business analysts’ role when their organization embraces artificial intelligence and machine learning? This webinar will describe the impact of artificial intelligence and machine learning as it might affect your organization, and what you, as a business analyst, can do to be ready for it.

· how smart is artificial intelligence?
· the uses of artificial intelligence
· the artificial intelligence requirements
· the artificial intelligence business analyst
· keeping the business analyst’s intelligence ahead of AI

** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. **

Location : Virtual
January  2021

The Business Analyst and Behavioural Analytics

Analyzing actions taken online to determine behavioral anomalies for purposes of identifying products that could be of interest to you, general trends in usage, and potential security threats. While you as a business analyst may not be dealing with behavioral analytics now, it clearly is one of the higher growth areas for both business and technology. How will behavioral analytics affect your organization and, more specifically your job in the future? This webinar describes what behavioral analytics is, how it is currently used, what is potential is, and how you can get in on the ground floor and grow with the technology.
Location : Virtual
February  2021

The Business Analyst and Blockchain Technology

How can we trust people we don’t know to perform transactions correctly, completely and accurately on the Internet? The answer to that, at least for now, is the Blockchain. The Blockchain is more than simply the mechanism by which Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies function. Blockchain has worked its way into many organizations, primarily financial, but also into supply chains and any other form of business that conducts transactions. So what does that have to do with the business analyst other than finding requirements for Blockchain? Blockchain technology has amazing potential: it could create entirely new foundations for global financial, economic and social systems. This webinar discusses the current usages of Blockchain and its potentialities. It also addresses how the business analyst can fit in and take advantage of the Blockchain.
Location : Virtual

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