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ON DEMAND Webinar: Leveraging Software Visualization to Elicit, Validate and Communicate Requirements
A growing number of companies have seen the light, and are currently enjoying enormous gains in the value of their development dollars as they implement software visualization as a core component of their requirements definition process. In turn, the role of business analysts in these organizations becomes increasingly important as they are tasked with transforming ambiguous business requirements into crystal-clear simulations that enable tighter feedback loops and faster iterations, and ultimately provide developers with a near-perfect roadmap to meeting the project’s objectives.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: 5 Things You Must Know About Requirements Planning
Requirements Planning adds incredible value to the requirements process. More than simply creating another “work breakdown structure” document, this is an opportunity to address risks proactively and gain better stakeholder participation. This session demonstrates how every component of a requirements plan adds value.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Myth-busting: The Path to Requirements Success
The optimal path to mature requirements practices is often obscured by misinformation. Register now to see how to make significant operational improvement in requirements maturity and select a path based on a strong foundation of research and quantified success.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Predicting Project Outcomes (Requirements Gathering under the Microscope)
This session provides attendees with hands on techniques for determining the outcome of their projects before the project really gets rolling. This session is about facts, and presents extensive research from IAG’s new Business Analysis Benchmark Study to help business analysts and project managers build a predictive risk assessment model. This session puts the intake and requirements gathering process of the project lifecycle under the microscope to determine what actions Business Analysts and Project Managers can take to more consistently achieve a successful outcome on their projects.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Inside Effective Business Requirements Documentation
This session is a deep dive into requirements documentation issues showing examples of good documentation practices and samples of materials that only look good on the surface, but have significant buried problems. Find out the 3 most common documentation mistakes, and learn about 5 critical success factors for effective requirements documentation.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: BA Best Practices: Reporting Requirements, Design, Creation and Distribution
In this Webcast, Amit Parikh, manager of systems consulting for Quest Software will show you some best practices to simplify the process of defining reporting requirements, finding the data you need, and designing and distributing reports.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Optimizing Requirements Discovery
Why should it take months to determine project scope and gather requirements? Register now to look at the underlying problems that impede the collection of business requirements and make projects less successful.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Managing Requirements Operational Excellence
Managing Requirements Operational Excellence is about making significant change in requirements discovery and management performance. This session is for the business analyst leadership and development executive looking to make long term, systematic improvement to their business analyst organization. IAG will draw from its project experience with over 700 customers to baseline organizations, assess the value of improvement, and determine the action plan for success.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Access, Investigate and Deliver Data with Simple Workflows and Automation
Data professionals are constantly challenged to deliver data and produce reports to support business and IT objectives. The most accurate data resides at the source, in the underlying databases. Navigating your way through various data sources can be extremely cumbersome without the right tools. This webcast will show you how to reduce these headaches.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Stress-free SQL Queries for the Analyst
Being a data detective starts with writing SQL queries. But that’s often a formidable task for many data professionals, including analysts. Learn how to take the drama out of query writing with the first in Quest Software’s Data Detective Webinar series: “Stress-free SQL Queries for the Analyst”.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: 3 Steps to better process analysis with Visio® 2010
Tired of using static models?  Want to create standardized process maps that can easily be shared?  Need to gain faster buy-in on recommended improvements? Join the Webinar and learn in 3 steps how to move your process improvement initiatives forward.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Leveraging Requirements Visualization – A Biotechnology Company’s Agile Case Study
In this presentation, Susanna Goldenstein (business analyst) shares her experience working with visualization to improve the usability of a physician's portal. By leveraging visualization with iRise, she was able to bring together a diverse set of stakeholders to gain valuable clinician feedback in short bursts of review time enabling the team to launch this project on time and on budget.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: 5 steps to better quality requirements – with Ian Alexander
'This talk gives you, in a very short amount of time, some of the most valuable requirements information you will hear this year’ Join thought leader Ian Alexander, noted requirements guru and author of ‘Discovering Requirements’ to learn key techniques for uncovering poor quality and incomplete requirements.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Enhancing Business Process Management with Business Rules
Learn how business rules management complements BPM methodologies and technologies. See the benefits you can gain by separating the management of business decision logic from the mechanics of business process flow. Learn why business rules management is favored by business units and IT departments for the improved flexibility and control it gives your organization.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: How The Business Analyst Can Keep Up With The Demand For Data
This informative live webcast, hosted by ModernAnalyst.com, will discuss the importance of meeting the challenges that never end for a Business Analyst. Register for "How The Business Analyst Can Keep Up With The Demand For Data,” and learn best practices to quickly and easily find data – regardless of SQL statements or database knowledge. See how to deliver information quickly and easily, and how doing so keeps service levels high and customers satisfied.

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