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ON DEMAND Webinar: 5 Secrets of Blending Customer Data for the ROI-driven Analyst
Analysts need a quick and easy way to analyze complex data sets and measure ROI quickly.  In this webinar, hear Keith Conley, Director, Analytics & Insight at Bunchball, discuss the 5 secrets of how they use Alteryx and Tableau to combine loyalty and engagement data with client, sales and attribute data to show the impact they are having on client ROI. 
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ON DEMAND Webinar: From Models to Stories: Building Your Agile Backlog
This presentation will discuss the use and timing of visual models in agile, how to use models to identify user stories and system stories for the backlog, and how models can be employed when elaborating stories in the backlog. We will show you specific examples of this approach, using a simple scenario.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Manage Your Requirements in Any Methodology: Agile, Traditional or Hybrid
As a Business Analyst, if you are charged to improve collaboration across your disparate development environment in any industries where systems and software are key drivers for innovation, then this webinar is mandatory for you. 

Learn how you can build highly complex products easier and faster. Discover an innovative and collaborative approach to managing your business requirements so you can improve your organization's ability to reduce risk as well as how to improve your ability to manage traceability and audits more effectively by providing a clear line of sight for all changes.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: 7 Agile Best Practices for BA's
Industry best practices have shown that the key to successfully managing the complexity of today’s development lifecycle is to empower all stakeholders with access to information and functionality they need in their role real-time. Tying all players together with one unifying development environment further accelerates collaboration.   
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Using 'Master Specifications' for Requirements Variability
Today’s modern development organizations are under increasing pressure to bring products to market ever more frequently while at the same time increasing the product variations to accommodate mass customization. A typical approach of cloning projects, or branching and merging specifications, does not scale to meet modern business needs.  In this webinar, you will learn about the latest trends and benefits of efficient variant management.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: The Use Case Technique: An Overview
Use cases are an effective and widely used technique for eliciting software requirements. The usage-centric approach focuses on the goals that users have with a system, rather than emphasizing system functionality. This webinar presents an overview of the use-case approach to requirements elicitation in a practical and straightforward fashion.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Models for Data Requirements
This webinar will introduce a set of requirements models for data that help describe the relationship of data in the system, details about fields, how data is used to make decisions, and how data is processed by the system. We’ll describe how the models can be used together from top to bottom to create a complete picture of the data needs and how they integrate to other requirements models to fully round out the requirements. 
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Build the foundation for sound data science through effective data preparation
How do we ensure that the decisions being made are based on accurate data? How do we improve the effectiveness and productivity of our data professionals so we can make better more timely decisions at the speed of business?   Join us to learn how we can help you overcome these challenges to help you rapidly deliver accurate data science. 
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Software Requirements: 7 Critical Success Factors
Those of us who have been writing software for a while know that if you don’t get the requirements right, it really doesn’t matter how well you execute the rest of the project. But eliciting, analyzing, specifying, validating, and managing requirements is hard, and not everyone understands why it’s so critical. This presentation describes seven critical success factors that will go a long way toward making the requirements activities in your organization pay off for the many project stakeholders. 
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Requirements for Business Analytics
In this presentation, we will offer advice on tackling requirements for business analytics projects. This webinar outlines how to elicit strategic analytics decisions to help prioritize requirements work, and how to prepare for the future of big data by specifying data needs. Participants will hear examples of questions they can use to engage businesses to think outside the box about their requirements, and consider new possibilities from analytics projects.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Requirements vs. System Documentation
Effective BAs have to be good translators. They must be able to speak the language of the business, effectively interpret it for the analytical minds of the technical implementers, plus find the right vehicles to convey the information. This webinar will provide you with practical tips and real life best practice recommendations for effectively managing requirements specifications and supportive documentation in the 21st century. 
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Evolve Your Definition of Traceability
Join us for an opportunity to rethink traditional traceability and learn how to provide critical information and context faster. Your projects are complex—these tips help save time and simplify how you manage the countless decisions and pieces of information you need to track to deliver great products.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: SQL for the Business Analyst - How to be an expert without knowing how to code

Data preparation is another problem analysts are challenged with, and knowing how write expert SQL to query and join it all. In this webinar, the database experts at Dell Software will show different tips and tricks to make you a SQL expert without writing a line of code, and how to automate SQL queries and reporting.

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ON DEMAND Webinar: Agile Best Practices for BAs: Accelerating Collaboration, Integrity and Innovation
As a Business Analyst, you are chartered to orchestrate the successful delivery of innovative products... Join this webinar to gain detailed insights on how leading organizations have been able to address the changing realities of modern software development, and learn actionable tactics to achieve product success.
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ON DEMAND Webinar: Collaborative Requirements for BAs: Keeping Future Projects on Track
If you’re like most BAs, you spend too much time reporting status, explaining context and tracking decisions. In this session, learn tips and tools to help you keep your teams aligned, provide better visibility and maintain a continuous feedback loop so you can spend less time reporting and more time innovating.
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