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12 Challenges In Business Analysis

Nov 05, 2023

Business Analysis is an ever-growing profession. However, with the glitz and glamor comes  some not so shiny aspects of being a business analyst.. 

12 Challenges In Business Analysis

Listing few challenges which I have personally faced: 

1. You have chances of feeling left out 

There might be instances when you could feel you have not been involved in the  discussions, this might result in feeling unmotivated and lost. 

2. You can find yourself amidst stakeholder conflicts 

This happens when there is a difference in opinions which will result in unclear  requirements/solution approach and/or other documentations. 

There could be moments when the stakeholders are not happy with the documentation due  to differences of perception and do not provide their sign off. 

3. Getting sign-offs takes a long time and requires constant follow-ups 

It's hard to get the stakeholder's time, you need to continuously follow up with them for  sign-offs. There might be moments when the sign-offs get delayed due to the unavailability  of the stakeholders. 

A delay in sign-off means a delay in delivery. 

4. Could get blamed for projects failure 

You may not get credit for the project’s success but there is a chance that you may be  blamed for the failure of the project. 

5. Lot of documents to be prepared and updated regularly 

This work involves a lot of documentation and consumes a lot of your bandwidth in keeping  them updated. 

Things are changing in the agile teams where no/less documentation is involved. 

6. You may not always be entertained by the stakeholders - if you ask too many  questions or ask the same question repeatedly 

Asking questions is part of your role, but that might come as “this BA asks too many  questions” 

Sometimes you are just trying to confirm the answers. 

7. You might be given tasks that are not related to business analysis 

This happens in other roles too; you are seen as a versatile person who can do many things  apart from your regular work. Be ready to take some extra work along with business analysis  activities. 

8. Constant changes in the scope of the project 

This increases the work and consumes your bandwidth.

9. Constant change in the requirement 

Stakeholders may demand “minor” changes ever-so-often, but for you that minor change could mean - changing the entire requirement and the solution approach. 

10. You will be pulled into projects without proper handover & knowledge transfer  sessions 

There might be instances where you are expected to be productive almost immediately knowing complete ins and outs of the project. 

11. There could be a misunderstanding of your exact role and you may be viewed as  someone who only captures requirements. 

This could lead to constant change requests from the Stakeholders as they may have a preconceived notion/approach towards a requirement. 

12. Developing requirements around a solution, and not vice versa 

This happens when you have a solution in mind and you are trying to fit that solution somewhere, so your requirements are based on the solution and not the solution based on the  requirements. 

This is not an exhaustive list and only a few to list. A Business Analyst is a change maker and needs to  overcome all these challenges to make the projects successful.

Author: Nitin Kumar Deswal

Nitin Kumar Deswal is an IIBA & AWS-certified business analyst. He has experience in varied domains, including, information technology, banking, and consultancy. Currently, he is working as a Business Analyst with a Global Bank. He is an avid content creator and has provided consultation to hundreds of business analysis professionals. Check out his services here.

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Nov 05, 2023


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