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CEO and 160 employees skydive to launch a new corporate name in the sky!

Bpm'online, a global business software company leading in the space of low-code, process automation, and CRM, will be soon announcing their new company name. The new name will be launched in the sky via a breathtaking skydiving performance involving 160 bpm’online employees, including the CEO. The new name of bpm’online is to be formally announced on October 30th of this year during their renaming event, with the spectacular skydiving stunt, which highlights the importance and enthusiasm the company devotes to this occasion

Bpm’online is holding a large renaming event on October 30th. Registration for the event is open to anyone interested, and can be attended online. The renaming celebration event will display the launching of bpm’online’s new name in the sky with captivating skydiving footage.

We wanted our renaming announcement to be truly one of a kind. While brainstorming for a creative way to reveal our new name, we came up with the idea of launching it in the sky. The whole team loved the idea so much that we accepted it immediately,” CEO and managing partner at bpm’online, Katherine Kostereva states. “We were expecting a couple of employees to want to skydive, but were happily surprised to find out that over 160 of our own staff were eager to participate. I was so inspired that I joined in too!

Over 160 bpm’online employees from multiple countries volunteered to help launch the name by jumping out of a plane and taking the new name into the sky with them. For the majority of the team, including the CEO, this is their first skydiving experience ever. Professional skydivers will join them for the big day, while the rest of the company is enthusiastic to celebrate.

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