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Webinar: The Business Analyst: Managing Up and Over

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As a business analyst, do you manage your manager? Do you know what information to provide to your manager, when to provide it and how to provide it in the best and most influential manner? Are you ever in a position where you need to “manage” other people on the project or even those outside the project, even though you have no authority to do so? In a survey of CIOs conducted a few years back, the majority mentioned some form of upward management as a contributor to their success in achieving their executive level positions. The role of the business analyst is one in which the exercise of upward management contributes to their future success, but it is also necessary to their basic survival and success in their role. Upward management and what we might term “sideways management”, or the management of others outside the project who are in a supervisory role, is a form of applying influence to get things done without exerting authority. This webinar discusses the different aspects of upward and sideways management, providing tips and techniques to employ as well as pitfalls to avoid.

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FEATURED SPEAKER: Steve Blais, PMP, PMI-PBA, Author, consultant, teacher and coach Steve Blais, PMP, PMI-PBA, is an author, consultant, teacher and coach who has nearly 50 years’ experience in Information Technologies working as a programmer, project manager, business analyst, system analyst, general manager, and tester. He has also been in an executive position for several start-up companies. He develops business analysis and agile processes and trains business analysts, project managers, and executives for organizations around the world. He is the author of Business Analysis: Best Practices for Success (John Wiley, 2011) and co-author of Business Analysis for Practitioners: a Practice Guide (PMI, 2014) and a contributor to the Business Analyst Body of Knowledge, V3 (IIBA, 2015).

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