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Webinar: Requirements Management Best Practices

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Requirements development deals with getting good software requirements. Requirements management addresses the challenges of handling these requirements as the project proceeds over time. This presentation summarizes several best practices for requirements management. The following topics are addressed:
• Version control of requirements documents
• Change control
• The change control board
• Impact analysis of change requests
• Requirements attributes
• Tracking requirements status
• Requirements traceability
• Using requirements management tools

** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. ** 

Karl E. Wiegers, Principal Consultant
Process Impact 

Karl E. Wiegers has provided training and consulting services worldwide on many aspects of software development, management and process improvement. Prior to starting Process Impact in 1997, Karl spent 18 years at Eastman Kodak Company in a variety of roles. Karl is the author of many books including: Software Requirements & More About Software Requirements. 

FEATURED SPONSOR: Kovair Software, Inc.

Download slides -> Requirements Management Best Practices

Webinar: Requirements Management Best Practices


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