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Webinar: The Business Analyst’s Big (Data) Challenge!

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Data Preparation is the core of every analyst’s job and nearly every one of them works with or within Excel spreadsheets. However, the increasing complexity of data required for driving business forward is above and beyond what spreadsheets are able to, or designed to, handle. 

IT has been maintaining legacy databases and investing in Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc., alongside a Cloud initiative to keep up with business demands. But are Business Analysts able to keep up with changing database technology with what they already have and use today? Using Toad, analysts can leverage their current expertise in Excel and prepare for their future data solutions.

 In this webcast, you will learn:
• Top drivers for adoption of NoSQL technologies
• Challenges with just using Excel-based analysis methods
• How to leverage Excel expertise to evolving technologies using Toad

We hope that you will register today and we look forward to having you join us for this event!

** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. ** 

Julie Hyman, Senior Product Manager, 
Quest Software Inc.

FEATURED SPONSOR: Quest Software Inc

Download slides: The Business Analyst's Big Data Challenge

Access video:  The Business Analyst's Big Data Challenge

Download slides -> Slides: The Business Analyst’s Big (Data) Challenge!

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