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Webinar: Manage Your Requirements in Any Methodology: Agile, Traditional or Hybrid

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As a Business Analyst, if you are charged to improve collaboration across your disparate development environment in any industries where systems and software are key drivers for innovation, then this webinar is mandatory for you. 

Learn how you can build highly complex products easier and faster. Discover an innovative and collaborative approach to managing your business requirements so you can improve your organization's ability to reduce risk as well as how to improve your ability to manage traceability and audits more effectively by providing a clear line of sight for all changes. 

Join us to discover best practices and how: 
  •  the hybrid process will enhance your team’s unique requirements 
  • to work on multiple components at the same time and avoid errors 
  • to benefit from traceability between regulatory requirements and user stories 
  • to expand agile from Software teams to Hardware teams as well 
  • to allow engineers to communicate product specifications to the development team easier and faster
  • the benefits of connecting your traditional methodology with agile for your products      

Register today to learn how you can benefit from the use of a unified tool that allows your team to directly connect development efforts with the underlying business requirements so the inevitable change arising during the product lifecycle can be managed in context and with access to real-time feedback. See how a unified and highly transparent approach to software development can accelerate your innovation and time to market momentum while protecting the integrity of your products

** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. ** 


Clara Cismaru, Product Manager, Polarion Software

FEATURED SPONSOR: Polarion Software

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