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Webinar: Stand Up and Deliver Great Product with Collaborative Requirements

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Process and organizational changes alone are no longer sufficient to meet the mandate of improved quality, governance and auditability in today’s complex, high-pressure development environments.

We will discuss the value of real-time collaboration, where everything is connected through bi-directional traceability, and all collaborators have access to the information and functionality they need to succeed. We’ll demonstrate why engaging stakeholders early and in context provides a clear path forward and helps uncover issues before defects occur. And we will share how easy access to previous work products combined with fully linked variant and change management can bring your team collaboration to the next level.

Topics covered in the presentation include:

  • Integrate Workflow into your existing process
  • Power of Granular Work Items
  • Complete Traceability and Versioning
  • Real-Time Collaboration using Social Media

Join this interactive webinar to learn how successful organizations have accelerated innovation while protecting integrity by unlocking synergies across disparate teams.

** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. **

Regg Struyk, Product Manager, Polarion Software

Regg brings over 20 years of commercial software development and testing experience to Polarion, where he manages the product roadmap and product management of Polarion® QA™, and is responsible for the Polarion® Partner Program. Dedicated to the domain of test management, Regg is continually analyzing testing trends and their potential impact on the discipline of software testing.

Before joining Polarion, Regg worked as Global Technical Product Manager Team Lead for Agfa HealthCare (Digital Imaging Division), after getting his feet wet as Product Manager for MKS Source Integrity. Regg also co-founded Panoptic Software and created eLead, and currently applies his passion to protect the environment as a Board Member for FEF at TD Bank Group.

Regg received his education at University of Guelph, Carleton University and Ecole Secondaire Algonquin.

Jiri Walek, VP Product Management, Polarion Software

Jiri brings over 10 years experience in software product management and engineering to Polarion, where he is responsible for the product roadmap and product management. His unique mix of technical acumen and business savvy enables him to translate market needs into enterprise-grade solutions that are proven to help Polarion customers accelerate collaboration, integrity and innovation.
Before joining Polarion, Jiri worked at Disnet Software, where he had the opportunity to advance user experience and satisfaction, and where he established a strong track record of successful projects initiatives. Prior to that role, he worked as a software developer and architect focusing on visionary projects based on Meta-Object Facility standards and model-driven engineering.

Jiri holds a master's degree in Mathematics from the Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic.

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