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Webinar: 7 Misconceptions of Enterprise Agile: What You Need To Know

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Dean Leffingwell, creator of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), will be providing a brief overview of SAFe, highlighting its key underlying principles, core values, and brief descriptions of the Team, Program and Portfolio levels.

In virtually every industry, larger enterprises are struggling to ‘adapt’ an agile approach that fits their environment.

What does this mean for Business Analysts?

It means it’s now critical that you know how to separate the myths from the realities when it comes to making agile work in an enterprise environment. This webinar will help you do just that.

Here’s a sneak peak of the 7 misconceptions we’ll explore on the webinar: 

• Misconception #3) Agile will free us from having to do requirements up front
• Misconception #5) User stories alone are adequate to support compliance and audit
• Misconception #6) Business Analysis is an “organizational drag”

“Pure” agile approaches don’t simply “plug” into the enterprise environment as easily as they do in smaller organizations and centrally located teams. This webinar explores common misconceptions of agile specifically in the enterprise, so you can understand the real ways in which enterprise agile can help make Business Analysis and requirements authoring easier and more effective leading to better project outcomes with far less rework along the way.

** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. **

Dean Leffingwell
President at Leffingwell, LLC

Dean Leffingwell, software industry veteran and Lean Systems Society Fellow, has spent his career helping software teams achieve their goals. A renowned methodologist, author, coach, entrepreneur and executive, he has founded numerous high tech companies. He is the author of Agile Software Requirements, Scaling Software Agility, and Managing Software Requirements. His most recent project is the ScaledAgileFramework.com a public-facing website which describes a comprehensive system for scaling Lean and Agile practices to the largest software enterprises.

Doug Stewart
Blueprint Software Systems

With 35 years of experience in developing software applications, Doug Stewart (ca.linkedin.com/in/stewartdoug/) has served in most roles related to software products including Business Analyst, System Analyst, Software Architect, Tester, Software Developer, Project Manager, Sales Representative, Technical Sales Support, Customer Support, Deployment Consultant, Training Instructor, and courseware developer. His recent focus has been to help customers achieve business agility, starting with a solid understanding of the system to be built and the plan with which to build it.

Tony Higgins 
Blueprint Software Systems

Tony Higgins is the vice president of Product Management at Blueprint Software Systems. He has over 28 years’ experience in the software industry in a variety of technical and business roles in the development of space and defense systems, IT systems, and commercial software products. For the last nine years Tony has focused specifically on solutions for software requirements

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