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Webinar: Business Process Modeling Across the SDLC - and its Links to Other BA Tools w/ Howard Podeswa

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The presentation explains how Business Process Modeling (BPM) is used in practice by following a case study through the project life cycle. At each point, BPM activities and deliverable are highlighted and their links to complementary BA techniques is explored. Special emphasis is placed on the BPMN and UML standards and guidelines are provided for when to use these standards over the life cycle.

Learning Objectives:

Ø Understand how Business Process Modeling (BPM) is used by the BA over the course of the project lifecycle

Ø Understand how Business Process Modeling relates to other BABOK techniques, such as Use Case Analysis and Structural Modeling (data modeling)

Ø Understand two of the dominant standards for Business Process Modeling, BPMN and the UML, the arguments for and against each of these competing approaches, and know guidelines for when to use which standard

** Eligible for PDUs, CDUs. **

SPEAKER: Howard Podeswa is the co-founder of Noble Inc., a business analysis training and consulting company. He is a world renowned business analyst, consultant, and author of courseware and books for business analysts including “UML for the IT Business Analyst”. 

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