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Webinar: BA Best Practices: Reporting Requirements, Design, Creation and Distribution

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In this Webcast, Amit Parikh, manager of systems consulting for Quest Software will show you some best practices to simplify the process of defining reporting requirements, finding the data you need, and designing and distributing reports. Featuring examples from organizations who have implemented Toad for Data Analysts’ technology, Parikh will demonstrate how to utilize a simple workflow to perform the following tasks:


  • Reporting  and functional requirements: understand what stakeholders require from their reports

  • Project management: organize data-driven tasks and collaborate with team members using common techniques

  • Data assembly: streamline the process of gathering data from different sources and platforms
  • Script development: create template scripts that can be used and re-used to speed reporting
  • Data comparison: identify and validate differences through data comparison

  • Report management: automate report design, management and distribution


Amit Parikh

Quest Software 

Amit Parikh is a Manager of Systems Consultants for Quest Software which is focused on simplifying IT challenges our clients face. Most recently, his focus has been primarily on database management solutions and overall, has over 14 years of experience in IT related fields. Amit has also had the opportunity to present at many user groups and conferences worldwide in areas that relate to applications and database management.

DURATION: 60 minute presentation and interactive question and answer session.


Access webinar ->  Webinar: BA Best Practices: Reporting Requirements, Design, Creation and Distribution

Download slides -> Slides: BA Best Practices: Reporting Requirements, Design, Creation and Distribution

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