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Webinar: Access, Investigate and Deliver Data with Simple Workflows and Automation

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Data professionals are constantly challenged to deliver data and produce reports to support business and IT objectives. The most accurate data resides at the source, in the underlying databases. Navigating your way through various data sources can be extremely cumbersome without the right tools.

This webcast will show you how to reduce these headaches.

o Build queries more efficiently than ever before

o Access and browse data from multiple sources

o Discover and understand data relationships

o Easily reverse engineer data structures

o Simplify time consuming tasks like data comparison and synchronization

o Automate report generation and distribution to ensure deadlines are met

o Become more productive and expand your skill sets

No matter how much experience you have working with SQL, you can impress business and IT decision makers by providing them with the most accurate and timely information possible. 


Daniel Norwood

Senior Product Manager

Quest Software

Daniel Norwood is a Sr. Product Manager for Quest Software. Daniel brings over 10 years experience in the software industry specializing in relational database systems and related technologies. In addition to product management, Daniel has worked in support, testing and project management capacities, constantly focused on understanding and meeting customers’ needs. He spends much of his time speaking and interacting with customers around the globe, ensuring Quest’s tools exceed their expectations.

DURATION: 45 minute presentation and interactive question and answer session.


Access webinar ->  Webinar: Access, Investigate and Deliver Data with Simple Workflows and Automation

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