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FREE BPMN Model: HR Employee On-boarding

FREE BPMN Model: HR Employee On-boarding
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Posted by: Derek Weeks on Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Jump-Start on BPMN Modeling

BPMN is the standard for business process modeling, but business analysts are frequently at a loss for where to begin their process modeling efforts.  To help jump-start BPMN process modeling and analysis efforts, we are supplying a set of pre-built models and simulations for popular processes.  These models were built through real-world process improvement engagements.  These models are not expected to match your organization’s own processes, but should help you get a head start on your modeling and process improvement efforts.  To help you better understand the models, simulation results, and improvement reports, a companion guide (.pdf) is offered in the .zip file to provide a summary of the business situation that established their creation.

BETA: HR Employee On-Boarding BPMN Models

We are beginning beta reviews of a BPMN process "template".  Once finalized at the end of October 2010, we plan to make these available free to the public -- about 20 different process types are currently in the works.  The “template” includes a PDF description of the BPMN models its business scenario, along with current (as-is) and future-state (to-be) Visio process models.  Each of the Visio models contains an imbedded simulation scenario that will run with if the analystView plug-in is installed along with Visio Premium 2010 (analystView is not required to view, use, or modify the Visio models).


As we work through the beta review of these templates, we have two questions for you:


1) Do you believe a library of similar PDF and Visio process models

would be valued by the Business Analyst community?

2) What might you do to improve the overall “template” offer we have assembled (e.g., better descriptions, more background info, better process layout/graphics, training video, etc.)


Please enter any remarks in the Comments box where you found this template on  We invite you all to share your experience and thoughts with us.


Any thoughts and feedback you might provide would be greatly appreciated.  The first set of templates will be made publicly available on November 1st; we hope to incorporate as much feedback as we can into improving the models prior to the 1st.


We have attached a beta version of the HR Employee On-boarding zip file here for your review.

DOWNLOAD: You must be logged-on in order to download templates.


Derek Weeks posted on Friday, October 29, 2010 8:23 AM
We have received temendously positive feedback on the beta program to-date. On November 8th, Global 360 will release 6 BPMN process templates for free, including: HR Employee On-boarning (2), Accounts Payable, Insurance Claims Processing, Change of Address Processing, and Loan Processing.

To see a sample of the final version, you can download a copy at:

Additionally, on November 8th, we will invite the community to submit their own BPMN process templates to share with others for free. We will post more details on the free template program here on November 8th.
Derek Weeks posted on Monday, November 8, 2010 8:13 PM
The beta test for the HR Employee Onboarding BPMN template is now complete. If you would like to download the final released version, you can visit

Other free BPMN process templates available there as well.

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