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Transition from IT Operations specialist - Jr.Busines Analyst 

Hi Everyone,


Hope you folks must be busy with celebrations and parties. I am currently working as IT operation specialist in IBM, Bangalore. I have an overall experience of 2+ years in IT industry. I was a sun certified Java programmer long back. I used to work as Sr. Technical support officer for Microsoft process and then moved on as IT operation specialist in IBM. My current job role has much to do with interacting with clients, coordinating with different teams, Infrastructure and Reporting. Basically I am very much interested in Jr Business analyst role or any role which could make me Business Analyst down the line after 2/3 years. I have also plans to acquire my Executive MBA in 2010 hopefully. I have strong communication skills, soft skills and leadership qualities. Moreover I love to deal with Business and understanding requirements so that I can bridge IT and Business effectively. My dream is to get into Jr Analyst role before I start my exec MBA, so that I can apply what I learn at work hand in hand.


This might sound interesting that I am going to help my brother in his business over the upcoming months. We have a small scale industry which comprises of manufacturing unit, marketing unit and packing unit. Basically we are two wheeler extra fitting manufacturers holding 3 or 4 machineries, small electro plating unit, 20-30 employees, 2 desktops, business and accounting  applications and printers. I am planning to do a mini project in bridging IT with our business, which might include understanding the business requirements and mapping it with future IT implementations. The objective behind this task is to show this as an experience in my profile which will help me in getting entry level career towards BA. I think reading BA books, understanding industry and applying stuff in any web BA tool could help me in meeting the objective.  


I kindly request you to help me in providing a road map so that my transition from current role to Jr Business Analyst or any other role towards BA could be made successful. Moreover if you people could help me in guiding to undertake the mini project I would be more than happy. All the Best….



Thanks and regards

Riyazudeen S.

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Careers  Career Advice &...  Transition from IT Operations specialist - Jr.Busines Analyst

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