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New Post 8/7/2018 10:57 PM
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Sr. BA trying to choose between Project Management / Product Management 

Hello Everyone,

Need career advice !

I am working as Sr. BA in an US IT Product firm( working at ODC in India) and have been in the role of Business analyst for the past 8 yrs out of 12 yrs of experience (prior in Pre-sales).

Since an year I am trying to move in to roles of Product Owner or Product Manager, but have seen that Product roles are not off-shored & the Business Unit team prefers to retain the Product control in US. 

Due to this even though I am good at work ( did CSPO as well); I could not grow further. But the company,culture,growth everything is very good!

Now I want to make a decision of should I try Project Management roles (as there is a scope within the organization) ? Should I do PMP-PBA or PMP (standard) certification? 

Initially i explored to learn BI reporting side like Tableau / RPA - UI Path, Kofax etc... but again they are diverting to technical side.  

I think CBAP might not help as already working as BA for past 8 yrs and CBAP might just help in extra bucks , but not next step in career ! any thoughts ?

Any experts please advice, is Project Management good path for a BA to grow ? your advice will be greatly appreciated !

Thanks in advance !

New Post 5/28/2019 6:39 AM
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Re: Sr. BA trying to choose between Project Management / Product Management 

Hi there, 

Interesting question, I am a BA Manager, who made his way up the ranks. I did a number of projects where I worked as both the BA and PM. 

The answer to your question is thus:

1). first of all have you considered a BA Managers role?

2), I have hired both BAs and PMs. I don't look first of all at what certificates you have. I look for your experience. Most hiring managers that I know are the same. 

3). Don't make the mistake of thinking just because you have been a BA that you can or will like being a PM. They are two different roles. That said, I have in my time worked as both.

4). You haven't said, but do you know how to be a PM (be honest), but just don't have anything on your CV to say that you do?

What I would do in your shoes is ask if you can work as a PM on a small project - one that they are happy for you to be a hybrid (A Hybrid is term used by Management and Employment agencies where the employee acts as both a BA and a PM). The best people to ask would be however is in charge of your Project Portfolio. 

I assume you are a perm employee of your company? If so, have you spoken to a HR member about what options you have? You never know, there may be a possibility but that isn't currently advertised?

I personally wouldn't worry about the Certificates until you have tried it. You may not like it. The alternative of course is to look elsewhere - outside of your current employers?  

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Careers  Career Advice &...  Sr. BA trying to choose between Project Management / Product Management

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