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Hot Thread with new postsIs Business Analysis the right field for me?
 by ChrisA
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1/4/2012 7:30 PM
by ChrisA
Hot Thread with new postsBacksourcing - I'm begining to see More Of It.
 by NitWitNick
No RatingInformative
12/19/2011 2:57 PM
by NitWitNick
Hot Thread with new postsProfessional Networking...Key to Success
 by Yardman
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11/30/2011 11:21 PM
by Yardman
Hot Thread with new postsHelp me rise to an Interview Challenge - Need input please!
 by Tony
No Rating
11/21/2011 6:51 AM
by Tony
Hot Thread with new postsCareer advice - Digital Marketing to BA
 by Souharda
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11/21/2011 3:46 AM
by Souharda
Hot Thread with new postsNeed career advise. Please Help
 by Raj
No Rating
11/1/2011 5:00 PM
by Chris Adams
Hot Thread with new posts What are the websites that I should consult if I'm seeking a Business analyst job ?
 by mnajia
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10/5/2011 1:05 PM
by mnajia
Hot Thread with new postsjava-based business analyst
 by AnalyzeThat
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8/24/2011 8:27 PM
by AnalyzeThat
Hot Thread with new postsWhile waiting on the next project to begin, what does the BA do?
 by CEEJ
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8/23/2011 6:46 AM
Hot Thread with new posts**UPDATED** Seeking X 4 Business Analysts - Immediate Interim Posting
 by Phil_Little
No RatingInformative
8/18/2011 10:19 AM
by Phil_Little
Hot Thread with new postsTransition to a BA career (Page: 1, 2)
 by amit
No RatingUnresolved
8/16/2011 7:42 PM
by Linda Erzah, CBAP
Hot Thread with new posts'BA Team Lead' vs 'BA Practice Lead' (Page: 1, 2)
 by Bruce
No Rating
8/16/2011 2:29 AM
by Kimbo
Hot Thread with new postsStarting a career as a Business Anslyst from Merchandising Manager
 by Vineet
No Rating
8/8/2011 4:14 AM
by MarkRay
Hot Thread with new postsBA to Testing - should I move?
 by Rohan
No Rating
8/7/2011 11:21 PM
by KJ
Hot Thread with new postsBusiness Requirement Vs Functional Requirement
 by BA vs BSA
No RatingUnresolved
8/5/2011 4:58 AM
by BA vs BSA
Hot Thread with new postsShould BA be restrict to one domain
 by Vineet Bhardwaj
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7/8/2011 8:20 PM
by KJ
Hot Thread with new postsBusiness Analyst vs Data Analyst
 by AnalyzeThat
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7/5/2011 9:14 AM
by mlk-BA
Hot Thread with new postsCareer & course advice
 by Kdees
No RatingUnresolved
7/3/2011 11:53 PM
by Kdees
Hot Thread with new postsis MBA enough to get a foot hold as Domain BA ?
 by fibreclaw
No Rating
6/28/2011 6:08 AM
by fibreclaw
Hot Thread with new postsAdvice on my Career
 by Rahul
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6/23/2011 6:27 AM
by Craig Brown
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A business analysis checklist helps you stay organized while you work through projects. It includes questions that will help you identify problems in your current processes, and suggest improvements for future projects. Understand the Problem Before you start writing code, you need to understand what problem you're solving. This means u...
I’ve heard “The End is Near!” for Business Analysts for almost 20 years.  Waterfall project management, with its need for formal requirements, is dead…a dinosaur…so 1990’s.  To be honest, that’s mostly true.  With the publishing of the Agile Manifesto in 2001 there was no need for a 2-inch-...
Business analysis is used to identify and articulate the need for change in how organizations work, and to facilitate that change. As business analysts, we identify and define the solutions that will maximize the value delivered by an organization to its stakeholders. We look for opportunities for new business models and new ways to work together. ...



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