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New Post 4/13/2024 6:13 AM
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Client BA vs Supplier BA 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 4/15/2024 7:28:09 PM)

'm currently work as a BA for a digital agency that implement technology solutions for large customers (strategic level digital transformation projects).

Since joining, I have noticed that the BA position feels very different on the agency side. Companies tend to approach us when they have already done (or believe they have done) a lot of the analysis on their side. They usually have identified their problems, objectives, and often have a clear idea in their head of the solution they want to implement. The obvious impact of this is they are reluctant to pay for too much of this 'discovery' work to happen, even if we need to validate it or feel we could do better analysis, or if more is needed. 

Furthermore, most clients typically have their own BAs who understand their business far better than we ever could. Granted they may not always be as skilled BAs, but they're always going to hold the cards in terms of business knowledge. This creates an awkward situation where it's not clear how to split the responsibilities between client BA & supplier BA, and often we have to use the client BA as a stakeholder proxy (not getting access to stakeholders). 

A lot of this has led me to ponder whether I return to being a BA in industry, where you can actually become an expert in that particular business. I know consultantcy side gives much more breadth and generalised skills, but it also feels like it can squeeze a lot of the 'business' part out of the business analysis. And almost feels like they are two very different roles.

I'm keen to hear from anyone who has had similar have you found the differences between client & supplier side? Who do you think is most suited to each? What do you think are the pros and cons? 

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Re: Client BA vs Supplier BA 

Hi again Boliver,

I've worked in both situations. In my experience, client side requirements have usually been not very good and often based on a perceived solution. I always went in with an open mind, modelled process and teased out requirements from that. Some kind of mapping to their requirements might be needed when you're finished to make sure you cover everything.

Always enjoyed the supplier side work personally. Multiple projects with lots of variety.


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