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New Post 3/15/2011 4:54 AM
User is offline Craig Brown
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Organisational Capability Assessments 

 A bit of a poll; Have any of you BA manages conducted an organsational (ie BA team/community) capability assessment?

What would you expect to discover from such an activity? What sort of things do you think it should investigate?

New Post 7/26/2011 9:39 PM
User is offline =john
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Re: Organisational Capability Assessments 

I haven't conducted this personally but it has been conducted in my workplace. This is in a pure BA branch. Generally you will discover the competency level of the BA's, which in turn should help drive training needs for the BA's in the organisation. Analysis of the processes used by the BA's will determine if they are effective and efficient.The assessment may also looks at tools in the toolkit available to the organisation and assess whether they are appropriate. The person conducting the assessment ideally would be experienced, ideally having analysed similar organisations so that your organisation can be benchmarked against them, obvioously from the asessors opinion.

New Post 7/27/2011 6:51 AM
User is offline Perry McLeod
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Re: Organisational Capability Assessments 

have you looked at the compentcy model that the IIBA has released?

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