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New Post 11/11/2013 2:03 AM
User is offline Radhesh
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RTM Importance 

 Whats the use of RTM?  when do we write it and when do we submit it?

New Post 11/11/2013 2:26 PM
User is offline Chris Adams
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Re: RTM Importance 


You need to be very careful about using abbreviations in the Business Analysis industry.  There are too many and often they can mean different  things.

I'm going to assume you meant a Requirements Traceability Matrix.  Here are two links that could help you. What is a Requirements Traceability Matrix? And why is a Requirements Tracability Matrix important?

Chris Adams
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New Post 11/13/2013 8:26 AM
User is offline dldelancey
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Re: RTM Importance 

I start writing it as soon as I gather the first requirements.  Then I update it regularly throughout the life of the project.  That said, I rarely create a formal RTM at all.  The cost of maintaining it is high, and I've never once had a stakeholder who actually found value in it.  The informal RTMs that I maintain are for my personal use only, to keep me organized and to double-check my work.

New Post 11/14/2013 3:10 AM
User is offline Kimbo
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Re: RTM Importance 

Hi Radhesh,

Try automating it. 

I use Enterprise Architect ( as a modelling tool. when creating links between requirements and use cases or use cases and screens or whatever and whatever it allows me to generate an RTM automatically based on the links I created. Other systems will have similar functionality I'm sure.

Usual disclaimer, I have no affiliation with Sparx except as a user of their product.


New Post 4/1/2021 12:50 AM
User is offline YashKansara
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Re: RTM Importance 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 4/1/2021 10:21:14 AM)

RTMs may not be useful for stakeholders but it can give value to the internal team, By creating RTMs you're ensuring that no requirement will go further without passing the acceptance criteria. We're even tracing design and development requirements in that so after initial design tracing we would like to give UATs of design to stakeholders after approval we start developing and we trace actual functional traceability as well.

From my side, it is all about the process, if your organization is not following RTMs and stuff you can still do it to double check your work.

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