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New Post 6/23/2009 7:59 AM
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business analyst model- making a cup of tea 

Hi All,


Bear with me as this is a bit of a long post. A month ago I overcame my depression as I was out of a job for almost a year. Prior to this I worked as  Business Analyst in the Netherlands for a Logistics Firm before I was made redundant because of the global credit crisis and job cuts. Agencies in the UK were most unhelpful and just greedy in wanting to know where and who I applied to so they could (probably) get a foot in the door with these companies and have their business. Everything was getting me down and over this dreadful period I lost hope and faith.

Anyway things are looking better since I started applying directly to companies. I have an interveiw (yay!) with a health organisation here in the UK and have to prepare a presentation on "Making a Cup of Tea" and I am expected to use a Business Process Model of the process. Since I am out of touch how would I go about doing this please?

So far I have done a brainstorm for Making a cup of Tea:-

Utensils and Ingrediants will be required they are:-

mug (will have different sizes)

saucer (for placing the mug on),

spoon (for stiring)

sugar (variety like brown sugar, white sugar, canderell low calorie),

tea pot, (for pouring the contents in a cup incase multiple cups are required)
milk (variety low fat, full fat)

tea bags (variey of flavours)

Now how would I go about creating a Business Model, class diagram, bpmn?

Thank You

New Post 6/23/2009 12:10 PM
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Re: business analyst model- making a cup of tea 

This looks like a fun interview task!

The items you need before you start could be considered pre-conditions for your process flow and should be documented as such or you can have some fun and along the way add decision points for exception conditions such as: if spoon is not available use another stirring object (but not the finger).

I would suggest you use BPMN or UML activity diagram but I recommend BPMN since it was created specifically for process modeling.

Check out the BPMN related articles on this site.

Also - see the BPMN related templates and aides.

I would suggest you being with a simple (happy path which assumes everything goes according to plan) process and then you can add more details and forks (decisions) depending on how creative you want to get.  Just describe the steps as you would if you had to teach someone how to make teak.  You can even try to write it down first in narrative (maybe even use case narrative form).

Hope this helps!

- Adrian

Adrian Marchis
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