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Methodology for mapping document flow in Sharepoint 


I am working on a construction project and I would like to understand the flow of documents as they move through the system. The system has been mapped already from a process point of view. So I understand for example the process around 'Issue Design Documents'. What I am interested in is exactly what documents are involved, where they are moved / copied to, how many times, how long they are in a waiting stage, if they get 'repackaged', when are they reviewed / inspected, how are they retained and how and how many times 'value' is added as opposed to 'modifications'. So it's very much from a document lens as opposed to a process lens.

I've been trying to find the correct methodology for this but the closest I have come is 'Graham process mapping'. However it seems a little dated in that it was obviosly designed for physical documents not electronic so I'm not sure (for example) the 'transfer' notation is suitable since electronically the document still exists in both places and I need to know which is the live version. Also I dont think it appears to be very popular but I'm not sure why.

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of a methodology to use or if indeed anyone is using Graham process mapping. I don't think I need the actual software - Its more the notation I'm interested in. 

Suggestions gratefully received!

Many thanks in advance


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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  Business Proces...  Methodology for mapping document flow in Sharepoint

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