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Cross functional flow chart 


I want to know how to draw a cross-functional chart (CFC) for a new mobile app development, which involves more than one actor who play different roles, an example would be an app for food ordering from nearby restaurants.


The actors - the app owner, restaurant owners, restaurant staff, delivery boy and general user.


I am stuck in the very initial stage. They issues I am facing are:


1.     Can CFC be built to represent such a scenario? Is it feasible?

2.     If no, what are my other options?

3.     If yes, what level of role detail we can show in the chart.

4.     Next, when I started to build the chart I was trying to put the first step of User registering from the app. Here, all the actors require registering, so how do I show his? Do I make a separate box for it under each actor’s swim lane, or I can only draw one box in total.

5.     If I draw only one box, then in which swim lane that box will be and how would I connect them.

6.     Other roles of the actors could be this


User roles

Admin roles

Res. Owner roles

res. Staff roles

res. Delivery boy role


View / approve / manage All User registrations





View user orders

view / manage self, staff & delivery boys profile

view and manage self, delivery boy's profile

Navigate to the user address

search for restaurant

view restaurants list

view / manage menu

view / manage orders

see user details

select restaurant

view / approve each restaurants post like menu, offers, etc

view / manage orders

view / track deliveries

mark order cancelled / delivered

view menu

view / take action on user ratings for the app

view / track deliveries

choose cuisine

view statistics like number of order each day, by each user, etc.

view statistics like number of order each day,
from each user, location, etc.

add to basket

Post notifications like coupons, update, etc

view / Manage customer payment modes

make payment

receive / make payment

receive / make payment

track delivery boy

cancel order

receive refund



Can you can help me to get started here.


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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  Business Proces...  Cross functional flow chart

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