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New Post 8/29/2019 11:05 PM
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BA Role in Data Migration 

Guys - Please let me know your thoughts on what the responsibilities of a BA are in terms of data migration? What sorts of documentation does the BA take care of (which the Data analyst doesn't)?

New Post 9/25/2019 6:46 AM
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Re: BA Role in Data Migration 

This really depends on the type of set up you have at your organisation. I've normally done the following for data migration:


1. Preparation (data migration plan report)

2. Pre-UAT testing

3. UAT (documentation of the related test cases) 

4. Post go live checks (data results report)


New Post 3/17/2020 12:44 AM
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Re: BA Role in Data Migration 

The process of transferring data between two or more storage types is known as data migration.

types of migration:

  1. Storage migration.
  2. Application migration.
  3. Database migration. 
  4. Business process migration.


  • On the client-side, the business analyst is responsible for providing guidance on configurations and customizations, informing what's required from a data migration perspective, and identifying future state business processes. 
  • Analysis of data fields required to migrate data, exchange data or to provide a data feed between internal systems and third-party applications
  • Identification of current data sources for each of these fields including the intervening detailed mappings and logic/transformations
  • Support analysis of optimum sources for the data including availability in existing Enterprise Data Warehouse/s or potential to derive from new source feeds for consolidation,
  • Analysis to support new source feed system interface specifications
  • Documentation of the business rules for all fields in each report to confirm the full range of data needed for each report prior to any development. Includes incorporation of validations and reconciliations for each field.
  • Data requirements analysis for the data tables/DataMart's supporting each report
  • Documentation of detailed mappings and transformations from the consolidated data set to each report
  • Preparation of test case materials.


  • Ensure the completeness and coverage of all requirements (functional, non-functional, technical and detailed data items)
  • Ensure test outputs meet requirements
  • Produce and ensure the quality of all analysis outputs such as detailed data maps, business rules, mapping rules, functional specifications, interface specifications, use cases, test cases etc.
  • Work closely with the Senior BA and PM to schedule analysis activity and milestones
  • Liaise between Technology teams (IT Systems, Global and Business Intelligence) and Senior Business Analyst
  • Data migration mapping between source and target systems



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