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Understanding Business Analysis Core Concepts Model 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 5/28/2015 2:00:58 PM)

Those appearing for CBAP certification might often wonder why the Business Analysis Core Concept Model is like this? And how it was built? Probably due to limitations on its scope, BABOK doesn't explain this. But as we all know, this model is the framework for Business Analysis. Wouldn't it be fantastic to know the logic behind the model, and be able to build it step-by-step following our own logic? Yes, of course!

I have tried to interpret and build this model step-by-step with logical arguments. It is surprising how trying to answer one simple question can lead you through the process of building this model. Here's link to the article on my journey: 

An Attempt to Make Sense of Business Analysis Core Concept Model

I am looking forward your remarks...

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  CBAP - Certifie...  Understanding Business Analysis Core Concepts Model

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