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New Post 8/15/2013 11:44 AM
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CCBA for Business Process Analyst? 

I started a new position as a Business Process Analyst III a few months ago and I'm considering whether or not to pursue my CCBA.  I am aware of the pros and cons of earning certificates, but beyond that I am also wondering how much relevancy this certificate has to process analysis since it is a subset of business analysis.  Does anyone have any insight?

New Post 8/16/2013 8:59 AM
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Re: CCBA for Business Process Analyst? 

Hi Craig,

BAs pursue CCBA certification for a number of reasons, and it is often a matter of personal choice (although certification is often listed as desirable on many job postings, it is seldom mandatory and few organizations require their BAs to get certified).

Even though you are working as a process analyst, you still need & use many BA skills - enterprise analysis, elicitation / facilitation, etc. And of course process analysis is part of certification knowledge areas as well.

A key factor for you on your current career path is that the CCBA certification is valid for 3 years, and then you have to recertify. Recertification requires 60 Continuing Development Units of approved learning - and maximum credits allowed for work experience is 25 in that 3-year period. So to keep your CCBA certification, you have to engage in ongoing training or education (which can include time you spend authoring publications or BA training material, or speaking at conferences).


New Post 2/28/2015 10:00 PM
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Re: CCBA for Business Process Analyst? 

Sandy thanks for following up

I kind of got caught in this very thing with PMI, even though at the time I was more of a operational manager I still felt the pressure to do the CAPM and PMP.  I ended up letting the PMP expire and the CAPM will expire in a year or two (7 years)

I still have my life time ITIL and Prince2 certifications, but just feel it's a rat race that can take away from really delivering.  I found myself losing interest and getting away at what I was good at and that was actually doing the work.  Building solutions helping manager software projects etc.  

After I obtained my MBA 2 years ago I swore off certifications LOL.

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